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   Chapter 133 Martin is my husband

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6478

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At that time, Cassandra was infuriated by Martin's words, because he thought that it wasn't easy to be satisfied! !

Shit! I'll divorce you! !

She danced in the air!

She really couldn't make it through today! ! !

"Well Could I Take a picture with you? " A girl with red cheeks asked nervously.

Cassandra's face darkened, 'do you think I'm dead! !

Seduce my man in front of me! !

"Ask my wife." Martin said in a low voice.

The pretty girl was stunned for a while, and then looked subconsciously at Cassandra, who pulled a long face and almost squeezed two words from her teeth, "No."

The girl went as red as a turkey cock. With embarrassment, she apologized and ran away.

"Martin, why are you so attractive to women! It hadn't been long since we got out, and now you was hooking up with other girls! ! I'm pissed off. Are they blind? I'm just sitting here and can't see anything! "

I am the Lord! "! !

Wasn't it pretty as the words on my forehead?

That's so annoying!

When Martin saw Cassandra's angry face, he felt pleased and said, "it's my fault.''

"Of course it's your fault. I'd better not bring you to such a place again. What if you take away these pretty girls?"

"No, I won't. I'm just a faithful person."

The corners of her mouth twitched. Was she hit on by him again?!

Who told him that Martin didn't know how to hit on a woman?! The fuck was hung up!

"Well Beauty, can I have your phone number? " At this moment, a boy wearing a girl's clothes stood in front of Cassandra with embarrassment on his face. He held the two hands tightly, and said in fear.

Cassandra, "..."

Dad, let me explain! !

It was really an accident!

fuck! Just now, she said that Martin was a womanizer and she was more popular than him! !

"No, you can't." Martin said in a cold voice.

The young man was stunned and looked at Martin and said, "why Why? Why do you decide for her? "


phone? "

"I'm Martin."

Roger was stunned," It's Mr. Martin. I have something urgent to tell her. Can you let her hear me?''

"She is busy," replied Martin

"She doesn't have time today?", asked Roger coldly

With a cold voice, Martin's eyes got darker and colder all of a sudden. "Does she have any spare time to report to you?"

Roger clenched his fingers tightly and a cold light flashed in his eyes. He smiled awkwardly, "no, I just want to talk to her about business. Mr. Martin, please don't misunderstand me. Since she is not available, I will call her tomorrow.''

"No, you can tell me what you want," said Martin, his eyes turning cold

Even the fake smile on the face of Roger was difficult to maintain. He said coldly, "to you? There are some things you don't have the right to know, do you? "

Before Martin could say anything, Cassandra took the phone directly and pressed the speaker button with her slender fingers, then she said slowly, "Mr. Roger, I have said that we have nothing to talk about. Besides, Martin is my husband, so he can make any decision on behalf of me. Do you understand?''

All of a sudden, there was dead silence on the other end of the phone.

His face was so ferocious that Roger gritted his teeth, "fine! All right, you win! "

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