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   Chapter 132 one is me, the other is you

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6664

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A few seconds later

Staring at Martin's wallet, Cassandra asked, "don't you have any changes?''

She knew that Martin was rich, but didn't those rich people need changes?! ! In his wallet, there was not even a penny!

"No," replied Martin

As a matter of fact, besides the company, he usually let Carlos do whatever he needed other than the company or the Yan's garden. Even if he had any need, he would seldom use cash.

Speechless, Cassandra touched her forehead and took out a piece of paper from Martin's wallet reluctantly. She walked towards a girl and said with a big smile, "well, little beauty, can I exchange some pocket money with you? My husband doesn't have any change, so I can't exchange too much money for him. Please... "

The girl stunned for a few seconds and then took out all the changes in her pocket. "It's all yours. You don't need to change it."

My mother! ! This young lady was so beautiful!

My wrist is almost broken! ! !

Cassandra was dumbfounded and gave the money to the girl embarrassingly, "thank you. I'll take it as an exchange with you. Your boyfriend is very handsome. Congratulations!''

The girl took a look at the money in her hand and then turned her head to take a look at her boyfriend, who was standing next to her. She was almost collapsed in her heart. Why did she suddenly feel that her boyfriend So ugly?!

"Ha-ha! The money was so much!'', she exclaimed excitedly, She was going back to frame it!

"Which one do you like, Martin?'', asked Cassandra with a twenty game coins? Let me help you! "

Martin glimpsed at them and pointed one randomly. Then, Cassandra smilingly glanced at it and said, "I knew you would pick this one. I also like it very much. Let's pick two of us, okay? One is me, the other is you.''

A hint of astonishment flitted across his eyes. Martin lowered his head and replied, "yes.''

Because they were so eye-catching that many people around came to see them. Martin didn't look unhappy but s

As for Martin

Complex feelings surged in Cassandra's heart as she stared at the back of Martin. After a long while, she sighed, wondering whether it was because of her hallucination or something else that she had become more and more concerned about Martin

She knew it wasn't a good thing. She tried to please Martin only in order to survive.

However, her heart But it seemed that she was becoming more and more out of control

With the popcorn and coke he had just bought in hand, Martin walked towards the girl as if he were an ordinary man without plots or intrigues behind him.

At that moment, an idea suddenly came to her mind. How wonderful would it be if he was just an ordinary man?

But he was Martin

The incomparable king who could turn the wind and storm upside down

Cassandra shook her head, forcing the thoughts out of her mind. She looked at Martin with a smile. The cold expression on Martin's face finally softened a little, He put the popcorn bucket into the girl's hand and said, "is that enough?''

Looking down at the giant popcorn bucket in her hand, Cassandra swallowed, "Martin, do you think I'm not easy to be satisfied?''

Why did you buy so much just after lunch Do you think I'm a pig?!

Martin stretched out his hand and gently rubbed the girl's head, "I can afford it.''

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