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   Chapter 129 call the boss

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6897

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"My name is Marcus." Said Marcus with a poker face, getting out of the car.

"I know. Thank you for what you have done today, Marcus. You don't need to drive. I can handle myself with Martin, '' said Cassandra with a smile, With blue veins on his forehead, Marcus stood beside the car silently.

After saying these words, Cassandra immediately got into the passenger's seat. There was an expression of helplessness on Martin's face, and he then followed Cassandra into the car. It was not until the car was started that Cassandra was relieved.

To be honest, she was really afraid that Marcus would beat her to death just now!

"Oh, right! Martin, I nearly forget something. I heard from director Johnny just now that he wanted me to go to the movie base and show up tomorrow. The cut on my leg is almost healed, and I should go back to work now. What do you think?'' After hesitating for quite a while, Cassandra braced herself to ask.

She hasn't recovered yet. She always wants to do some unruly things in just a few days, ' Martin thought.

However, it surprised Martin that she cared so much about her job. At the beginning, he thought that she would definitely make trouble after she married him reluctantly. He had also well prepared for that, but he did not expect that she not only didn't make trouble, but also flattered him over and over again.

Perhaps others could not see her tricks, but he could see them clearly

"Can't I?" "If you don't agree, I'll talk to director Johnny. I can't go, '', she added

Martin glanced at her from the rearview mirror. When he saw the disappointment on the girl's face, all of his principles and bottom lines in his heart vanished.

Martin," I'll ask Marcus to drive you there. Besides, he can't stay too far away from you. In that case, no matter how much you like to act in the movie, I won't let you take a risk if you dare to be hurt again.''

Then she looked up at him with her bright eyes and asked, "did you really promise? You can rest assured that I will protect myself carefully! What happe

p her phone again and dialed a number. A few seconds later, a fierce voice came from the other end of the phone, "Hey, have you decided? I'm very busy now. I can do whatever I want! "

The woman gritted her teeth and said, "okay! One million. But this must be done secretly and without any trouble. "

She was willing to spend ten million as long as things went well tonight!

"I've been in the world of martial arts for so many years. If I can't do such a little thing well, am I a waste? I only want one million dollars in cash. I'll ask someone to settle accounts with you before six o'clock today. "

The man hung up the phone quickly.

After a few minutes, she got out of the car and walked into the housing estate in red heels.

The woman took the elevator to the top floor. When the elevator reached there, she took a few deep breaths and walked to the left. She didn't stop until she came to the end of the corridor and reached out to knock at the door.

After a while, the door was opened from inside, and a slender figure stood behind the door. It was Peggy.

Peggy didn't make up her face. She was wearing a creamy white housecoat and her black hair was tied into a ponytail. She calmly looked at the charming woman and said, "Miss. Liang, you are really a rare visitor. If I remember correctly, I have nothing to do with your company now, right?''

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