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   Chapter 128 call dad cool

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6759

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"Holy shit! ! ! ! My dog is blind! !" The roar of Carlos came from the gate.

Cassandra was speechless and plaintively looked at Martin. When Martin took a glance at Carlos calmly, Carlos immediately said, "you go on!'' Just forget me! "

Then he slammed the door.

Cassandra, "..."

How could he be so awesome?!

"Martin, is your subordinate Have a mental problem? Didn't he see that you were helping me apply the medicine? " Cassandra sighed.

"Yes," replied Martin

The corners of Cassandra's mouth twitched. She stood in silent tribute for three minutes for Carlos. No wonder Carlos was tortured by such a young master every day.

However, speaking of this, Cassandra still remembered that in her previous life, Martin's health was getting worse and worse. Thus, while looking for medical help, Carlos grew old and thin day by day, and was no better than Martin.

Later, when the remaining power of the Lu clan fought back desperately, Carlos kept the situation under control for Martin and eliminated the remaining power of the Lu clan.

Everyone in the world might betray Martin, but only Carlos would not.

For a long time, Cassandra didn't know why Carlos was so loyal to Martin. If Carlos was willing to stand by Martin's side, it was doomed for him to be a loser, but he was willing to stand behind him, living a good life without giving up.

"What are you thinking about?" Martin asked abruptly.

Cassandra came to her sense," Nothing, I was just wondering if Carlos would misunderstand us..."

Martin raised his head and replied, "so what?"

Cassandra, "..."

She didn't know why she felt that her dignity had been insulted!

After finishing the ointment, Martin briefly told Johnny about his business and was urged by Cassandra to change the dress she had just bought.

As soon as Martin entered the coatroom, Cassandra's phone rang. It was Johnny calling.

Then Cassandra answered the phone, "director Johnny, what's up?''

On the other side of the phone, Johnny seemed a l

t and nodded, "Okay, I'll do as you say."

Cassandra giggled and reached out to hold Martin's arm. "I see. I will take you to a nice restaurant. There is a famous Japanese restaurant in the film and television city. I have reserved a table for you. Do you like it, my baby?''

Martin's gaze fell on the girl's wrist. He could still feel an unusually hot temperature even though there was a layer of clothes between the two of them. His back was imperceptibly stiff. Then he looked down and said, "well, that's great."

Then Cassandra turned to Martin with a mysterious smile and asked, "well, do you know how to pick up dolls for me?''

With a puzzled expression on his face, Martin asked, "picking up a doll?''

As soon as she finished her question, Cassandra regretted about it. After all, Martin didn't have a private life. How could he pick up a doll!

"After dinner, I'll take you to pick up dolls. I am a master. I can help you with more," replied Cassandra, "Okay," replied Martin

Speaking of her unique way of picking up dolls, Cassandra went all the way to the garage. When Marcus drove the car over, Cassandra took a glance at Marcus, and then stared at him with a righteous look. "Get off the car for me, Marcus."

A trace of anger finally faintly emerged on the face of Marcus who had always been standing beside her.

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