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   Chapter 127 just fooling around

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Underground garage.

Then Cassandra looked at Marcus fawningly and said, "well God, master Marcus, When you see your master later, can you help me hide it from him? I'm not easy to be released. If I displease your master, I might have to be locked up... "

"I never lie," said Marcus

crap! I certainly know that you aren't lying and I didn't let you lie either, right?!

To be honest, she really admired the ability of Martin to select people. Although almost all people of the Greyson sect were newcomers, they were very strong, and they were absolutely loyal to Martin. That was why the Greyson sect was gradually able to replace the Seventh team and become the most trusted V Security team of Martin.

In her previous life, the V Security team was almost kicked out of the house by Josef. Back then, Martin was too weak to fight against the V Security team, so she almost died.

She already owed Greyson, and each of them was innocent. Therefore, in this life, she would not repeat the mistakes she had made in the past! !

Cassandra stared at Marcus with a smile," I didn't ask you to lie. How could a proud man like you lie? You can keep that as a secret from me. "

"Okay," said Marcus

Cassandra had prepared a lot of excuses, but she didn't expect that Marcus would agree so easily. She stared at him in confusion. Since when was he so easy-going?!

With a suspicious look, Cassandra got out of the car. Then, Marcus followed her with several shopping bags.

They took the elevator to the top floor. As Cassandra walked out of the elevator, she pulled her collar to cover the bruise on her neck. No one could see the bruise on her neck without looking carefully.

It was not until Cassandra disguised that she took a deep breath and walked to Martin's office.

At the same time, in the of

Hearing the girl's indignant complaint, Martin felt helpless, frowning. He found that in front of the girl, his principles and bottom line were nothing at all.

Her words drew him from heaven to hell, with the same words, they could bring him back to heaven.

Martin's long arms touched the girl's waist instinctively and Cassandra managed to minimize the physical discomfort.

Martin's arm passed over Cassandra's body, and pulled open the drawer of the desk, where he took out a box of ointment for bruise. "Sit here.''

"What? Where is she sitting? !"

Martin put out his hands and pulled her to his laps. Then he took out a cotton swab, applied the ointment on her face and applied the ointment on her leg gently.

Cassandra was dumbfounded as she saw the man's proud and cold face.

"Does it hurt?" Martin's voice came from above her head.

Instantly, Cassandra curled her lips and said in an aggrieved tone, "it hurts, Martin. You don't know how painful it is. I feel my neck is going to break. Can you help me reduce the pain?''

With a little frown, Martin walked up to the girl and carefully blew on her neck.

The moment he put on the ointment, Cassandra's neck didn't hurt as usual.

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