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   Chapter 126 my husband is narrow-minded

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6778

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"Cassandra How did you become like this? You weren't like this before. " The Roger stared at Cassandra and shook his head disappointedly.

Well, what else do you want me to do?

You deceived me and used me to death. Do you still think that you really loved me? You wish.

In her previous life, though Roger had never liked her, he was willing to act along with Susan because she was so stupid to steal confidential documents of the Lu group to Roger. At that time, she thought it was true love. But what she didn't know was that in Roger's eyes, she was even worse than a dog.

When all the bloody truth was revealed, she suddenly realized that the man she had a crush on for all these years had never liked her.


Everyone in the world is entitled to judge me, except you! !

Slowly raising her eyes, Cassandra stared at Roger without a moment, "Mr. Roger, are you waiting here alone to talk about this with me? Since there's nothing else, I'll leave first. My husband is very stingy. He doesn't like me being alone with other men for too long. I'm afraid he'll be jealous. "

All of a sudden, the look on Roger's face darkened. He gave a tight grip on his left cheek. The next second, he drew his hand back without any warning, strangled Cassandra's neck, pressed Cassandra's body against the car window, stared at Cassandra with his red and ferocious eyes, and roared crazily, "what did you say! You told me that you married Martin because of me! !"

He seized her by the neck, and gave her a stifling sense of pressure. She started to breathe less and less in her chest, and it was hard for her to breathe. With all her strength, she indistinctly cried out, "you Let go of me! "

At this moment, there was an overwhelming gloom on Roger's cruel face. His cold fingers tightly grabbed the neck of Cassandra. When he heard what Cassandra said just now, he was suddenly irritated, and even the remaining sense of sanity in his mind was completely destroyed in an instant.

Then, with a light bang, Roger wa

nsively, Carlos stood in front of the desk, with cold sweat on his forehead. The moment he received the video from Marcus, he was scared out of his wits. Ignoring that Martin was busy with a video conference with someone else, he rushed in.

With a straight face, Martin stared at the phone in front of him. He didn't raise his head until the screen was dark. There seemed to be a fierce storm brewing in his deep set eyes.

It was as if his heart was in a tsunami, and Carlos wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. "Master, shall we Ask Kevin to come here and await orders. "

He had to find a man to take care of when it was time! !

Martin replied expressionlessly, "No.''

"What?", Carlos asked in surprise

He wondered if his master was mentally ill because of the stimulation,!

Or do people in love have problems in their IQ?

Then Martin narrowed his dangerous eyes and gave out a cold light, "give Andrew one month to destroy the entertainment industry of the GR Group. Otherwise And tell him to go to Europe himself and not to come back in three years. "

Is he still It's beyond my imagination.!

The corners of Carlos's mouth twitched. "Yes, master. I'll inform young master Andrew right now!

Martin," Besides, notify the Jalen to be ready and take action in three days."

"Yes, master.", said Carlos after a pause

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