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   Chapter 124 going too far

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6616

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"What do you mean?" Roger's face turned stormy.

Ignoring the face of Roger, Carol answered automatically, "naturally, we are doing according to the rules, disqualifying you from attending VIP. Besides, from today on, except for that, no matter where our store is, we will not welcome you.''

All of a sudden, the face of Roger darkened, and his eyes were filled with anger, "Carol, don't push it too far!"

Looking calm, Carol said, "Mr. Roger, I have something to deal with now. I don't have time to argue with you here. Just think I'm bullying you too much. Winnie, send the guest out!"

When he said this, Carol meant that he wanted to drive Roger and Susan out of the house!

Wendy and others were dumbfounded. How could it be possible!

Was Carol crazy?!

For such a woman, he not only had to punish them, but also had to expel the most distinguished customers from the mall

Wendy would never expect that the person they had offended was their boss' wife! !

However, Winnie walked to Roger and said, "please!''

Roger, like a sculpture, stiffened his body and stood in place. He cast a ghastly glance at Carol, sneered and said, "Susan, let's go!''

Susan also didn't expect that this would be the end. She just wanted to punish Cassandra, but she didn't expect that it would end up like this.

damn! !

'has she really changed?'?

Didn't she love Roger so much before?!

What went wrong?

Soon enough, the personnel department and financial department arrived. Everyone stood at the door, in a daze.

After taking a deep breath, Carol came to Cassandra. "Miss Cassandra, we are really not doing the right thing. What do you think? What should we do? "

Cassandra took a glance at Wendy and others, and said slowly, "didn't Mr. Carol say there were rules in the company just now? Then just do as the rules. "

"Yes, Miss Yan.'', said Carol immediately

After saying that, Carol turned her head to look at the people from the financial de

Carol immediately reminded her.

To be honest, he was also stunned for two seconds when Cassandra took out a black card just now. It was not because Cassandra had a black card, but because of that black card It was sent by Martin! ! !

Big boss! !

At this moment, Carol had a feeling of a survivor from disaster. Especially today, he was almost killed by these idiots! !

Lee came to her senses and respectfully took the black card from Cassandra's hand and took the mobile phone nearby. When she swiped the card, she saw the identity information popping up on the screen. her eyes widened, and she stared at Cassandra as if she was an alien, Lu As for Martin

The legendary boss! ! !

It turned out to be It was a black bank card of Martin! !

At that moment, Lee finally understood why Carol looked as if he was facing a formidable enemy just now

She Was she their boss's wife?!

The receipt was printed quickly. Cassandra signed the name of Martin on it and put it into her pocket randomly.

Carol was confused. How could she do that?!

That was a global limited black card! !

Money is really capricious! !

"Miss Cassandra, what else can I do for you? I'll take care of it for you. " Carol asked, with a lackey face.

It was not easy to please his boss, but easy to please his wife?!

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