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   Chapter 123 I don't mean it

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The air was eerily quiet, as if the big space had been frozen at this moment.

Lee tensed up, lowered her head, her lips quivering, and stammered, "yes Mr. Carol, the lady came in just now. She said she wanted to have a look at the dress and then I haven't taken it yet Wendy told me The customer looked like Looked like! "

When Mr. Carol heard this, cold sweat instantly fell from his forehead. He tried to keep calm on the face, but there was a roar of anger in his heart!

These idiots! ! !

He was almost killed by these idiots! !

President Carol's face was gloomy to the extreme, and his voice was cold. "What this guest looked like? Tell me what happened exactly! "

Lee glanced at Wendy in panic. Her hands were tightly locked together. It seemed that she had made a great struggle. Her eyes were full of despair. Then she seemed to accept her fate and said, "Wendy said that the customer looked poor all the time and even our floor was dirty. So Throw her out... "

"Lee! I have never said that at all. How can you wrong me! !" Wendy immediately flared up, her eyes blazing with fury.

"Exactly! Lee, we didn't expect you to be such a person! Obviously, you don't want to get close to her just because you dislike her money. Why did you smear the false accusation on Wendy? "

"Exactly! Mr. Carol, don't believe Lee's rumors. We can testify for Wendy. She has never said such things! !"

"Yes! Mr. Carol, don't wrong miss. Wendy! "

It seemed that Lee didn't expect this to happen, she stared at the group of people supporting Wendy in disbelief, her body trembling slightly and her face turning completely pale in an instant.

They were in Wendy's hotel and other waiters were the witness. How could Mr. Carol believe her?

Mr. Carol glanced at them coldly," Winnie, get the surveillance video.''

A man next to Carol responded at once, "yes, Mr. Carol.

ater, Winnie returned with a black iPad in his hand, and handed it to Carol.

Turning on the monitor video, the faces of Wendy and the other waiter all changed drastically. They all lowered their heads, not daring to say anything more.

When the video was played, there was dead silence in the shop.

Carol shook the iPad in his hand, his face full of anger. "Wendy, is this the truth you said?! Customer is God, and that's how you treat God! ! Damn it! "

All of a sudden, Wendy was scared out of her wits. "Mr. Carol, please let me explain. It's all a misunderstanding I just said it casually I didn't mean to... "

Carol sneered. "Not intentional? If I hadn't bumped into you today, how long would you dare to be so presumptuous? How could a mall provide such things like you! Winnie, inform human resources and financial department to come here! "

"Yes, boss!"

Upon hearing that, Wendy trembled violently. She stared at Carol in dismay, begging for mercy, but Carol didn't even bother to listen.

"President Roger, you saw the video just now, right? You two are guests of my mall, and it's not convenient for me to deal with you. However, our mall has its own rules. For people who do not comply with the rules, I will not spare them.''

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