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   Chapter 122 I will take it back

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"Yes. Miss Susan has already bought this dress for Mr. Roger. I didn't know that you are actually miss Susan's sister until now, I'm sorry that I didn't treat you as my friend. Please don't mind Lee, quickly take off the clothes and wrap Miss Susan's dress. " Wendy immediately put on a flattering smile.

In Wendy's eyes, even though Cassandra was Susan's sister, she couldn't hold a candle to her in any respect. Besides, Susan served VIP in their shop. However, it was impossible that she was a VIP in their shop, or even not a member of their club.

It was better to take advantage of the opportunity than to offend their bosses. The first thing to learn in this profession was to observe people's expression.

At this time, Lee looked at Cassandra embarrassedly and wanted to say something. But she opened her mouth and then lowered her head. she walked towards the model, "Wait!" Cassandra raised her voice all of a sudden.

Wendy smiled and looked at Cassandra, "ha-ha, miss. Miss Susan have made it clear just now that she has already bought this dress. So, I'm sorry I'm afraid we can't make the decision alone to sell the goods to you. "

"You said she had ordered. What about the receipt?"

Wendy was stunned. The so-called reservation was just an excuse. How could she get the receipt?

Wendy felt a little embarrassed. She put on a foxy smile and said, "I'm sorry, but the data of our company is secret. I'm afraid we can't take it out. We still have other goods in our store. How about you exchange it with another one?''

Then Cassandra asked coldly, "is this your attitude towards customers? Because in your eyes, she is the most important client, while I am just a stranger. Should I be treated and deceived by you? "

The air froze. Wendy's face turned pale. She forced a smile and said, "don

or some reason, the last sentence uttered by Cassandra was like a sharp knock on Roger's heart. But he gazed at her blankly.

How could this be

At this time, a young man in a black suit hurried in with a few people. As soon as he arrived, Wendy and the others were shocked.


I'm all killed by this bitch! She even told Mr. Qin about it! !

"Wendy, what happened?" President Qin said coldly.

Wendy gritted her teeth and said, "Mr. Qin, it's all Lee's fault! ! As you know, Miss Susan is our distinguished guest. She likes this dress at first. But the other lady want to buy it. What's more, Lee hasn't explained to her yet. That's why she made such a mistake. Mr. Qin, what do you think? "

Lee's face turned pale. she trembled slightly and lowered her head in panic, There was despair and panic in her eyes.

"Yes, Mr. Qin. It's all Lee's fault..."

"Wendy has just explained to the guests, but Lee didn't figure it out and introduced her casually..."

"Mr. Qin, you can't wrong Wendy. She is really an unreliable person who was sent from such a small place.''

People present all blamed this accident on Lee.

President Qin looked at Lee and asked, "Lee, tell me, what's going on?"

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