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   Chapter 121 accidentally fall

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6356

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There were several large shopping malls near the Lu group. In this luxurious business circle, all the items in the shopping mall were very rich.

Cassandra picked a random shopping mall and asked Marcus to drive her there. She wanted him to be a model because he had a perfect figure.

However, Marcus directly refused her. He was worried that there were too many people in the mall and it was inconvenient for Cassandra to walk, so he just followed her from afar.

Holding her crutch, Cassandra walked around the mall and finally stopped in front of a luxury store. She hesitated for a few seconds before she walked into the store.

There were several waiters in the shop. But none of them wanted to talk to Cassandra who was unfamiliar with them. Only a young lady, who seemed quite enthusiastic, came up to greet her.

"Hello, we have sofa here. You can have a rest. If you have any likes, I can bring them to you." The girl asked enthusiastically and took the initiative to support Cassandra.

Seeing this, the several waiters standing aside all gave a look of disdain. Then with makeup on, they started to play with their mobile phones and ignore Cassandra.

Frowning, Cassandra sat down on the sofa and the girl handed her a cup of hot water. Then Cassandra said, "can you bring the suit of the model to me?''

The waiter immediately replied, "Okay, just a moment, please."

When the waitress walked up to the model, another waitress suddenly walked up to her with displeasure. "Lee, what are you doing? How could you take off such an expensive dress so casually? What if it was broken? You must be driven crazy by the desire for money. How dare you accept all kinds of women! "

A trace of fear flashed across Lee's face, but he immediately put on a flattering smile and explained, "no, Wendy That lady wants to have a look... "

The woman named Wendy snorted, put her arms arou

was even taken as the queen of this year's golden brown movie. If nothing went wrong, Susan would be the youngest actress in this year.

However, as a fresh actress, she didn't even hold a single piece of work.

Susan was showing off.

"Thank you. I still have some work to do. Lee, please pack this dress for me. I'll pay by card. Thank you."

Lee was a little surprised. She just thought that Cassandra came in to take a walk, but it turned out that she was the sister of a big customer of this store.

Lee turned to Wendy with embarrassment. Wendy didn't expect that Cassandra was Susan's sister.

Susan was now the most popular female artist in the entertainment circle, and the man next to her was also a big shot in the entertainment circle, with the upper hand in it!

It was a great loss for both her and the shopping mall if she offended such a big client.

When Wendy was about to say something, Susan spoke first, "do you also like this dress? What a coincidence! I have booked the dress for Roger and it is a birthday gift for him. I have planned to give him a surprise... "

Hearing this, Cassandra narrowed her eyes and thought, 'ha! It's been so many years, but Susan still plays this dirty trick.'

She is still as naive as before

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