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   Chapter 120 you always flirt with other men

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Martin, a little stunned and sleepy, lowered his eyes and replied: "okay.''

Cassandra immediately took out her mobile phone and murmured, "what kind of movie do you like? I want to see what movies they are playing first. I heard that there is a nice cartoon recently You are such a noble, gorgeous demon Well, the big boss will never like that kind of stupid movie... "

In her previous life, she had little involvement with Martin other than killing herself, let alone watching a romantic movie. Therefore, she really didn't know a lot about Martin's preferences.

She was just trying to ask for help, but she didn't expect that Martin should agree.

"Okay," replied Martin

Then Cassandra stared at him with hidden bitterness and said, "you can call me whatever you like, This is the first time we go to a date! Don't be so perfunctory! "

With a serious look on his face, Martin said, "no, as long as I'm with you, it doesn't matter what I see."

Cassandra was speechless

I can't

Did I hit on by Martin again?

Who said that Martin couldn't say honeyed words to chase after his sister? Stand up! I promise I won't kill you!

After a long while, Cassandra finally gently coughed, "well, what about We should go to the cartoon, a domestic conscientious one, where we can make the most exquisite... "

Who said the movie was called stupid?!

She was slapped on the face

"Okay," replied Martin

"I'll book the ticket first. By the way, will you go to the cinema in this way?" After booking the ticket, Cassandra raised her head and stared at Martin with a troubled look.

Martin was always dressed in a formal suit. If it weren't for his poor performance, she would doubt whether he wanted to sleep in this one.

Martin frowned and said, "something wrong?"

Of course there was!

That was too good! !

The cinema is a place where young people often go to the cinema, and most of t

A few minutes later

"Ah, Martin, could you cut this for me? I'm afraid I can't bite it.'' Cassandra said in a shaky m-expression.

Well In fact, it felt good to have Martin be a lackey, running here and there~

Martin gave her a quick glance, and then put a piece of honey melon back to Cassandra, which stunned Cassandra.

Damn you! !

This is so unfair. How could you attract so many people just with a mere fruit?'?!

Then Cassandra sighed, "Martin, I suddenly have a sense of crisis."

Martin shot the girl a questioning look, not knowing what she meant.

Cassandra said seriously, "you are handsome and rich, and you can do anything you want If my rival in love is lined up, can they go around the earth? "

Martin was amazed and, with a slight smile on his face, nodded slightly and said: "I am a man of long feeling and will not change my mind. On the contrary, there is someone who tends to attract others.''

Hearing this, Cassandra was so embarrassed that she almost vomited a mouthful of blood. Then she scratched her head with a guilty conscience, "it doesn't matter. Well You continue with your work. I'll go out for a walk and come back soon. "

"Okay, be careful," said Martin

The corners of her mouth twitched

She was totally stupid!

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