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   Chapter 119 boys are too thin to look good

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6509

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Then Cassandra looked up and saw Martin, who was in a white shirt and a light colored apron around his neck, cooking attentively.

As an omnipotent man, he didn't know what cooking was, but he was willing to cook for her

She sighed and closed the tablet PC. now that Martin showed her the tablet PC, he wouldn't mind what she saw. She didn't have to cover it up.

Then she stood up and slowly walked to the kitchen, leaning against the door frame. In her glazed eyes, the man's enchanting face was reflected.

"Why are you here?" Martin raised his head and frowned.

At the sight of this, Cassandra felt she was offended. Her mouth twitched and she said seriously, "the iPad isn't as beautiful as yours. I came to see you. Is that okay?''

Upon hearing this, Martin was stunned for a few seconds and then responded with a slight smile, "okay."

What an asshole!

Cassandra said with a straight face, "Martin, you are so dissolute. Don't try to seduce me.''

"Did I seduce you?"

Cassandra was choked by his words, 'do you have any idea whether you seduce me or not?'?

Catching a glimpse of him, Cassandra said bitterly, "you are so pretty. Even if you stand here, it is a kind of seduction? What a beauty you are! !"

He was a man with dark mole in everyone's heart! !

"Seduce her It's my honor. "

The corners of her mouth twitched. Then she waved her hand and said, "don't seduce me, or don't seduce me! Don't mess with me again! "

She was so angry that she almost wanted to turn over the car! !

How much she wanted to sleep with Martin now!

In other words, after rebirth, there seemed to be no substantial relationship between the two of them

All of a sudden, she felt that she was such a loser. How could she sleep with such a handsome man every day She did nothing

"Wait for me outside. It won't take long, '' said Martin with a slight smile

"Well, by the way, have you done much?'', asked Cassandra

After all, it was the business within the Lu Group

Cassandra thought anxiously!

A few moments later, Martin came out of the kitchen. Bored, Cassandra put down her phone and asked, "Martin, is dinner ready?''

Martin trotted over to reply, "yes.''

As soon as Cassandra stood up from the sofa, she fell into a warm embrace. Martin lifted her up in a very gentle way and walked towards the kitchen.

Upon hearing this, Cassandra widened his eyes subconsciously and stared at Martin in disbelief?!

She was injured in her leg, but she was not a good for nothing

Why! !

The steady heartbeat of the man sounded in her ears, which made her a little stunned. If everything was not real at the moment, she would doubt that she was dreaming.

She didn't expect that the violent and horrible man in her previous life could be so gentle

Martin settled Cassandra down on the chair and filled a bowl of soup for her. "Be careful not to burn it.''

With the corner of her mouth twitching, the confusion in her mind vanished in an instant. For some reason, she always felt like a fool whose business was inferior to theirs in the eyes of Martin

Ha ha, she bowed her head and handed him tea!

"Well, it seems that Are you free tonight? I want to ask you to watch a movie with me! "

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