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   Chapter 118 I don't want to be cuckolded

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6402

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In the office of Martin.

Martin was holding a video conference with somebody while Carlos was reading some documents aside. Suddenly, somebody knocked the door of his office.

Hearing that, Carlos was stunned. It was a rule in the company that Martin hated to be disturbed most when he was working. No matter how urgent the matter was, he had to be asked for help first.

How could someone be so ignorant and come to knock at the door at this time.

Carlos jumped up from the sofa at once. "Go on, masters. I'll see who the bastard is!''

After saying that, Carlos strode over to open the door. As soon as the door was opened, the angry expression on his face instantly cracked open.

"sister-in-law sister-in-law? Why are you here? " Carlos stared at Cassandra in horror.

Cassandra smiled," I just passed by, so I came up to see if Martin is okay."


Well done!

His sister-in-law was here to storm check on his master! !

While they were talking, Cassandra had entered the office of Martin. Carlos stood at the door for a few seconds and went away. If he didn't leave, why did he stay to watch?!

Martin, in a black suit, was having a video conference with others. However, he was wearing a Bluetooth headset, and he kept silent all the time, so that Cassandra was not aware that he was having a meeting.

So she moved to him stealthily and threw herself into his arms, "Hmm, honey, do you miss me?"

All the men who were connected with Martin just felt dazed. Then the screen was black, and there was a girl's sweet voice coming. However, because of the mixed sound, no one could clearly hear what the girl said.

What was going on?!

How could a man be around his boss?! Or someone who just pounced on him?!

Although the figure rushed over just now, they were sure that it was a man!

What the fuck! !

Does boss really like men?!

At this moment, Martin was holding

from him.

While Cassandra's slender fingers swiped the screen of the tablet PC, suddenly her eyes fell on it.

On the screen were some financial statements and some confidential projects of the GR Group. Those seemingly confidential information was actually in the hands of Martin.

It meant that Martin had been paying attention to the GR Group since the very beginning! ! !

It was because she Or is it just one of his plans?!

There was a shock in Cassandra's heart. She looked at the information with complicated expression for a long time, and then moved her fingers. After a while, she found some information about the Yan clan

Although she had expected it, she still felt shocked when she saw it with her own eyes. It turned out that Martin knew what she was thinking. Perhaps in the eyes of others, it would take some price to shake Roger and Yan Clan, but it was just a piece of cake for Martin.

He didn't do it, just because she

She realized that even though there were so many sins in the world, the man was always standing in front of her to protect her from the arrows of wind and rain. She just needed to go on her own way. No matter how big the trouble she had made, this man would take care of it for her.

The only taboo for him was her.

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