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   Chapter 116 I was forced to leave

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The next morning, Greyson came to pick up Cassandra.

As soon as Cassandra changed into a man's clothes, Martin held her carefully downstairs. When she saw Greyson, she was immediately stunned. "Master Greyson, don't you have wounds all over your body? Why did you come in person? Go back now. Just send me Marcus. "

Greyson asked in confusion, "Marcus?"

Was there someone under him?

After Cassandra's order to arrange Greyson to train some people, Martin called seven new members of the Greyson sect to form a Greyson group that was in accordance with the instruction of Greyson.

But there was no one named Marcus in the seven cultivators' squad.

Cassandra coughed," He is the famous Marcus."

That explained why the disciple of Greyson sect was called Marcus. He was the most excellent one among the new comers. He was powerful, but he was very cold-blooded. Except for training, he seldom had any activities in the team.

"Madam, Marcus just arrived at the squad, so I'm afraid he is not familiar with some rules."

Cassandra waved her hand and said indifferently," he just needs to drive, Is he not familiar with the rules? I'm not going for a fight. Just let him drive the car and wait for me at the gate. I'll go after breakfast. "

Greyson wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. As far as he knew, Marcus was a cold man, and if Cassandra couldn't control him, he might cause trouble. Even Josef, didn't escape the punishment from his young master last time. Not to mention the new one, Marcus?

However, Cassandra had made it clear to him, so he dared not say anything else. The reason why the Greyson group was founded was because of Cassandra.

"Yes, mistress." Greyson looked down and stopped struggling.

After hearing this, Cassandra felt relieved and continued to eat. Martin brought a glass of milk for her and she stared at him with a sad face. "Can I refuse to drink it? Not tasty at all. "

After Martin shot Cassandra a cold glance, she immediately gulped down the milk in his hand and shook

fingers together and got into the car with the walking stick leisurely, Inside the car.

The air froze. With a ferocious and cold look, Marcus asked, "where are you going?"

After telling him the address, Cassandra lazily leaned back in hers chair, propping up her head with one hand, and looked at the handsome face of Marcus.

To be honest, she was not convinced by the way Martin chose people. All the members of the Greyson sect small group were handsome men, but of course, these handsome men were not the weak little fresh men in the circle. The strength was better and more ferocious than the other.

Among the seven new disciples, Marcus had the highest strength and the most beautiful appearance

Such an icy beauty, she could even be obsessed with him for a few days just by looking at him in this way~

"Oh, Marcus, a man who is as handsome as you It must be crooked, isn't it? " Cassandra asked with a smile.

"It's my private question," answered Marcus expressionlessly

Cassandra answered reluctantly, " I just care about your marriage!"!

Moreover, you are mine. How dare you hide it from me?!

Cassandra said seriously, "we are all familiar with each other. Why do you regard me as an outsider? I didn't mean anything else. I just think you are so beautiful. It would be a waste of your body if you like a girl. "

Marcus: "...."

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