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   Chapter 115 unparalleled

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6408

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With a cold face, Martin took off his clothes and placed them on the girl's shoulder. "Your legs haven't recovered yet. Why do you stand here?''

"I'll wait for you here, My legs won't get hurt even if I'm just standing here," Cassandra coaxed Martin, I'm waiting for you here

Martin's back jolted a little. He held the girl's wrist and said with a cold face, "don't stand here next time. Do you feel uncomfortable?''

Cassandra stuck out her tongue and said: "I'm not that weak. I'm ill while standing here Achoo! "

At that time, Cassandra was also shocked! !

Pretending to be innocent, she was struck by lightning!

I was really weak! ! I should hurry up for your exercise!

Martin's face darkened and ordered," Carlos, ask Kevin to come here."

"What Oh. "

He felt that he was displaying their affection in public again

Cassandra frowned," Don't be so nervous, Martin. It's not a big deal. I was just standing in the cold wind. I just need to drink some hot water.''

It was said that it was a universal skill to coax girls. Drink more hot water

Cassandra had never expected to use this tactic on herself.

The next second, Martin bent over and picked up Cassandra, who was confused and looked up at him.

Uh Was she being flirted again?!

"Bang!", suddenly, Cassandra was knocking on the door not far away from where she was. Then she raised her neck with difficulty and took a look at the back of Martin. It was Carlos. He was standing there, with a look of despair on his face. When his mobile phone fell on the ground, then he heard Kevin going berserk at the other end of the phone.

"You son of a bitch! My ears are going to explode! ! !"

Carlos was stunned, 'ha-ha, your ears are going to explode, but mine is going to explode! ! !

He wanted to explode right now!

His dog eyes were almost blind!

"Well Martin, don't you think we've been showing off too much lov

aspar's plagiarism. He has been fired from the entertainment circle! ! ]

No objection! 'this plagiarist dog doesn't deserve to live in the world at all! ]

'what's wrong with the plagiarist! ! ha-ha! ! ]

Damn it! How could this scumbag still live in the world?! Go to hell! ]

However, could those bitches give up now? No evidence? Now the evidence is clear. How can you deny it?! ]

'go to hell! ]

For a while, the accuse of Caspar, along with the previous doubts, were all silenced. Some people kept silent, but this silence was meaningless to the keyboard man.

In the quaint villa, the dark hall was deathly silent. A faint light flashed on the ground, but it quickly disappeared.

Then the world returned to darkness.

Caspar curled up in a corner, shivering. Water dripped down on the phone screen

He had been so dazzling back then, but now he had fallen into an abyss.

The talented director who had been admired by thousands of people was now the person hated by everyone.

A deep desperation appeared in his eyes. Something spread silently in the darkness.

After a long time, a sudden sound broke the silence between them and the screen of the mobile phone was suddenly lit up by a weak light.

A message was lying quietly on the screen

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