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   Chapter 114 waiting for you to come back

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6968

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In a villa district of Jingshi city.

Inside the traditional Chinese style villa, the atmosphere was weird and dead.

With his head down, Caspar in his black suit sat quietly on the chair.

There was a woman sitting opposite. She had short hair and wore a black casual suit. She was staring at Caspar with a serious look on her face.

This woman was called Joyce, the personal assistant of Caspar. No matter how abject Caspar was and how famous he was in the future, she followed him like an onlooker.

With her brows wrinkled, Joyce tried to speak as calmly as possible, "I know what kind of person you are. You have to tell me the truth this time. Now the Internet is full of dirty water about you. If it goes on like this I'm afraid no one can save you. Don't you know what kind of society it is? Who will really care about your talent, and who can see your sincerity? In order to make more investment, you drank too much to take part in the filming and even suffered from gastric bleeding... "

"Enough!" When check-in, Caspar's eyes became bitter. He smiled bitterly and his voice was extremely hoarse. "Don't say it again. As if I was wrong from the beginning..."

Joyce kneaded her swollen temple and said, "even if you want to get out of this circle, you shouldn't do so. It's an honor you traded with your life for. Even if you don't want it, I want it.''

His back suddenly froze. After a long time, Caspar raised his head and stared at Joyce in horror, He shook his head heavily and said, "it's no use. That man has a lot of things on his hands and I've already fallen into his trap. I don't want you to get into my fate. I still have a draft that hasn't been released yet. Take it and negotiate with Roger. Try to get the money and leave the GR Group. Take it as if you've supported me all these years, the only thing I can give you is the compensation. "

"Caspar! What do you mean? I have been with you for so many years. Do you really think that is what I want? " With a cold face, Joyce said word by word.

In fact, Caspar also knew that Joyce was not tr

er he answered a phone call?!

All of them looked at Carlos with puzzled eyes. With a bitter look on his face, Carlos was so foolish that he seemed to bury his head in his neck.

What can I do! I'm also very desperate! !

Our master is such a slave for his wife! He wondered what his master's wife was playing at home

But when he heard from the voice of Martin just now, he didn't seem to be angry

After their master got married, Carlos couldn't figure out what he was thinking. Was a married man always so emotional?

Meanwhile, Cassandra stood up, slowly walked towards the gate of the villa with her crutches, leaning against the gate with the shape of a flint.

Recently, she had been trying to show off her affection. The Martin seemed not to be as ferocious as in her previous life. Perhaps, everything would become different after she was reborn?

Well, she had never discovered that she had such a strong desire to survive

In her previous life, she had wished that Martin had strangled her in a fit of fury. At the thought of it, she understood that it was a miracle for her to have been able to live peacefully for five years without being infuriated by him.

After a long time, the girl almost fell asleep leaning against the door frame, while she suddenly smelled the familiar light grass. The girl opened her eyes and said, "Martin, you're finally back.''

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