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   Chapter 113 I give you an opportunity

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That genius business director was forced to take this road, wasn't he?

Caspar's lonely and bleak figure flashed across Cassandra's mind.

In those days, when Caspar was diagnosed with severe depression, there were still many reporters keeping hyping for his fame. One of them was a photo of Caspar standing lonely and bleak under the night curtain, wearing a white robe and a piece of mist.

In those days, there were also some people who stood out to question him. He was the genius who created the miracle, how could he plagiarize? Moreover, some of Caspar's loyal fans posted various novels with him. However, these posts were deleted as soon as they were released. What was more, they were even criticized by the website for making private information illegally become the target of public criticism.

After this incident, a rumor about the draft which was created by Caspar was spread around the world. This draft was not fully collected, but was finally stolen by Roger. He hired the director of the company to shoot it, which soon became a hit around the world.

On the day when the movie was displayed, Caspar became a vegetable because of a car accident

A touch of coldness flashed in Cassandra's eyes. She had to eliminate the many sins in the world one by one! What's more, as a talented director, if the draft could be finished by Caspar, it must be more popular than that produced by Rebecca.

'I want to take back what I've lost. I want to be at the top of my position. I need to give Caspar more help than Johnny does, ' she thought!

"It's Roger, Susan..." One day, I will completely defeat you with the thing you are most proud of, and step on you!

In the brumous Villa District of the capital.

In the backyard of GR Clan's villa.

A dog in black was kneeling at the foot of Roger, who was holding a piece of fresh blood in his hand. The man threw it on the ground, and then the dog sprang on the man and bit it fiercely.

A savage smile gradually appeared on t

o rent the cheapest basement. How could he become rich overnight?! A famous new writer?!

He didn't even dare to do it in his dream

"Are you serious?" The man stared at Roger and took the courage to ask.

"It's my decision. But I don't like disobedient dogs Do you understand? "

Greed streaked across the young man's eyes. He widened his eyes and nodded crazily. "Yes! I understand, I will do anything for you as long as you give me money! I'm willing to do anything for you! !"

When he first entered the society, he was full of ambition. He had also been ambitious and wanted to start from scratch to become a man above thousands of people.

But now, his conscience and nature had been obliterated

"Okay, the only thing you need to do next is to do what I tell you. As for other things, I will definitely give them to you. Vincent, take him down to prepare." Said Roger indifferently.

The young man was so ecstatic that the injury on his foot seemed to be no longer painful.

After a few seconds, Vincent came with his people and carried the young man out.

Roger stood still and casually glanced at the place where the young man just lay. He said coldly, "change all the grass in the backyard, including the floor tiles, and every place he stepped in, even the air Disinfect them all. "

"Yes, President Roger."

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