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   Chapter 112 I can't do this

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6966

Updated: 2020-01-31 00:32

In the office of Roger, GR Group.

Sitting on the sofa casually in a pose as usual, Roger found a slightly slovenly man sitting opposite to him.

The man's short hair was in a mess. There was a stubble on his chin. A pair of black rimmed glasses supported his nose. At this moment, he was seriously looking at the script in his hand.

Roger didn't urge him. After a man finished reading the script, he put down the script in his hand and showed a serious expression. He said, "Mr. Roger, this script is indeed very good, but this should not be a happy script. If I guess correctly, this should be a high copy, and I have seen the original script. Don't you think it's appropriate for you to do this?''

Upon hearing this, Roger chuckled and said, "director Caspar, you have been working in this field for so many years. Don't you know better than me that whether you watch the script or not? If we release it first, we will be the designer. Moreover, although the theme is the same, there is a slight difference, isn't there? Besides, there are a lot of handsome men in our company now. You can pick up one or two of them to shoot and if you do well in publicity and shooting, you can earn a lot of money, right? "

The man called director Caspar frowned and then shook his head. "I'm sorry, Mr. Roger, I take pride in movie all my life and I won't cheat on you. I hope you can find a better person! I'm sorry. I have to go to the set. Bye. "

Caspar, the No.1 director of the GR Group, was one of the first group to be in a commercial film. He became famous overnight because of the movie, "Prosperous Capital".

However, ever since then, it had been hard for Caspar to make his work, because the business movies were closely connected, so his later works, which had a lot of business signs were too obvious to be seen in the original movies. Some even guessed that he had already run out of his talent, and the movies he made were won the attention of young stars, thus he had to earn a lot of money

Nobody thought highly of Caspar's future.

"Director Caspar, not ever

ter who you are, just leave the entertainment circle! ! ! ]

Pay me back for the movie! ! Plagiarist! Go to hell! ]

I'm so disappointed in you. I hate being your fan, but I don't want to thank you! ! ]

No matter where he went, the films he took in the past few years were getting worse and worse. He was supposed to get out of the entertainment circle! ! Go to hell! ]

No matter what he wants? What he hated most was plagiarism! ! ]

The insulting comments almost occupied all the hot comments under Caspar's microblog account.

Even if someone questioned, it was quickly taken back. Some netizens were commented or posted on the microblog, and others also went to the microblog to insult them.

The more Cassandra looked at microblog, the more angry she became, Not long after the incident of plagiarism was exposed, Caspar declared to quit. Not long after that, he was diagnosed to have serious depression. Even so, those righteous online users didn't let him go, and cursed him for his death.

This was the way of the world. Intrigues and cheats always existed in this circle. One would be doomed eternally if one was not careful enough.

As for the truth, others didn't know it, but Cassandra did. Caspar didn't plagiarize at all. The reason why he was wrongly accused of plagiarism was because he offended Roger. At last, he was ordered to stop from plagiarizing!

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