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   Chapter 111 Okay, sister-in-law

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"Aha Well, this is the V Security team trained by Martin. It really broadened my horizons today! " Cassandra sneered and looked at Josef with irony.

Martin, the head of the organization, was actually owned by him, a man with a sharp sword. Martin had spent all his life in defending the soldiers, though they were not so powerful in the open but the V Security team were just the hidden guards.

But, they were just like that.

Josef snorted, "I don't need you, a woman, to tell V Security team what to do!''

"What about me Do you think you are in the position to tell me what to do? " A creepy voice suddenly came from behind the crowd.

In an instant, the whole corridor suddenly fell into a eerie silence.

Martin stood in the middle of the crowd, expressionless, whereas Carlos followed him, face turning pale. He had expected that the people on Josef's side might embarrass Cassandra, but he didn't expect such a situation.

Although Josef and others looked down upon Cassandra, she was still Martin's legitimate wife and the hostess of the Lu clan.

"Master, of course you are." Josef looked down and said respectfully.

"Am I still your master in your mind?", said Martin calmly after he had a glimpse at Josef

The look on Josef's face changed as he spoke between clenched teeth. "I was too stupid to commit a crime. Please punish me, my master!''

At this time, the Spark and the others were so scared that they didn't dare to breathe. They stood respectfully by the side, with beads of cold sweat on their foreheads.

"No," replied Martin

The rest were dumbfounded. They had no idea what Martin meant. Only Josef froze in shock and went pale. "It's all my fault. I am willing to accept any punishment Please let them go! "

With an indifferent look on his face, Martin went on, "the first rule for the V Security team is to follow orders and obey orders unconditionally If you can't do it, then someone will do it. From now on, Josef, you will be removed from this position and the leader


Greyson said with respect, "thank you, lady.''

Cassandra waved her hand and said: "don't be so formal with me. You are seriously injured. Do you need me to arrange two people to look after you? You almost lost your balance after standing up, so your life should be very inconvenient, right? "

With a straight line on Martin's face, Greyson felt flattered, and said, "no, no, thank you, mistress. I can take care of myself.''

"Well, I see. You can go inside and have a rest. Don't stand here anymore," , said Cassandra, scratching her head

Greyson immediately replied," yes, madam."

Bearing the burning pain all over his body, Greyson braced himself and closed the door behind him. He leaned against the door and drew a deep breath.

Martin began to regret about what he had done. His wife paid more attention to a bodyguard than to him obviously.

I can't take this guard

"By the way, why are you here, Martin? If you hadn't come here just now, I would have killed so many people today! I beat them so hard that they couldn't even recognize me! " Cassandra said shamelessly.

"I have to go to the company. I haven't seen you come to see me off."

That's a great reason. "~

In fact, Cassandra was clear that Martin was helping her establish prestige in the V Security team, even if this kind of prestige was not good.

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