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   Chapter 109 I will protect her

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 7274

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Andrew kept silent for a few seconds and then said, "you have no idea. It is the first time Daniel has made his love public, although he has been involved in a love affair for so many years Why would I encounter two problems at the same time! "

Cassandra was speechless,!

Who knew that one would even meet some bad guys when he was lost! !

Cassandra was speechless," Mr. Andrew, I lost my way that day so I made a mistake. I don't even know Daniel, okay? You have wronged me. "

A hint of surprise flashed through his eyes. Andrew asked, what did you say? get lost? Don't you know Daniel? "

She also knew that Daniel was a popular young star at present, but she really didn't know him at all. Moreover, no one knew that she would meet the most popular young star in the FX International Group at that place!

Clenching her eyebrows, Cassandra replied, "yes, the whole thing was like this on that day. After the opening ceremony of the film crew, Kelvin and director Johnny were discussing something with each other. I was bored, so I wandered around the film and television city. After all, it's my first time to go to the film and Television City, so I didn't know why I got lost. I was about to ask the way, but I didn't know that he was Daniel..."

"Are you telling the truth?" Why is this version of the story totally different from what Daniel told me?, Andrew wondered,?

Cassandra rolled her eyes, "no more nonsense, or I won't ask for his permission. Thank you.''


He had short and cool silver hair, but now she looked like a teenager

When Daniel heard this, he would probably want to strangle her.

"Well, I see. By the way, how is your injury? When can you go back to the crew? "

"I have almost recovered, and I can return to the crew in two days. It's rare that you are so considerate to your subordinate."

Andrew's face fell. He had no time for paying attention to his superior!

With a snort, Andrew said, "that's good to know. Just focus on your work from now on and repay me for my help.''

The corners of Cassandra's mouth twitched, "okay. If there's nothing else, I have to hang up. I need to change the medicine.''


d moved to the Yan's garden and it was convenient for her to teach him, so she went to find Greyson early in the morning.

The Yan's garden was large. The houses of Greyson and other people were located in the highest building on the left. The exterior wall of the building was red, and there was a flag of the V Security team hanging on the top. The flag was embroidered with the identity of the V Security team. A ferocious Black Wolf with a fierce big mouth was lying on the flag.

The red small building was strictly divided into two floors by the rank of the V Security team. The first two floors were the accommodations of the ordinary V Security team, and the second floor was the residence of the captain and the team leader. Greyson was the leader of the twelfth group, and he lived in the room No. 12 on the left of the third floor.

It took Cassandra a long time to climb to the third floor. On the way to the third floor, many people of V Security team looked at her with surprise, but she didn't take it into account. As the leader of the V guard camp, Josef was punished because of her, so many people in the V Security team disliked her. They just didn't dare to kill her in public.

In her previous life, she had known that she should behave herself in the same way as she did. However, she still kept Martin as a taboo in every aspect. Except for Greyson and a few of his men, nobody in the V Security team took her seriously.

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