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   Chapter 108 Martin is sincere

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In the next few days, Cassandra kept recuperating at home. Martin went out early in the morning and came back late at night, but he didn't take care of her. As a result, she was completely self-indulged, limping with her legs. She first rummaged over the vegetable garden, and then she planted some new vegetables seeds. It was too boring when she was worn out, but she pretended to get fishing rod in the fishing pond.

In a word, she was just a person of easy virtue

After waiting for a long while, the fishing rod didn't move at all. Cassandra sent a message to Martin, complaining that she hadn't caught the fish.

A few minutes later, a basket of fish was brought back by a servant. Cassandra stared at the fish, dumbfounded.

HMM Martin is sincere

But Martin, you have cooked so many fishes. How can you eat them all after coming back!

Speechless, Cassandra put her hand on her forehead and picked out some pickles, as she liked. Then she asked servants to cleanse them, and she waited until the pickled fish was hung there. She took a picture and sent it to Martin

A moment later, Cassandra received a call from Kelvin.

"Kelvin, what's wrong? What's up? " Cassandra asked with a smile, reclining on the chair lazily.

The look in Kelvin's eyes was a bit complicated. "Nothing. I just want to know if your leg has recovered?''

"Much better. Almost all wounds have healed. We can get back to work after two days' rest. I'm sorry to delay your work."

Although Johnny had moved all her part to the back of the scenes, the progress of other people's work had been slowed down. Cassandra knew that her life wouldn't have been so easy if Johnny hadn't spoken for her on purpose.

"Well, that's good. You don't need to worry about the shooting. Cassandra, I have something to ask you, but if you think it's not easy to answer, you don't have to force yourself.'' Said Kelvin in a low voice.

In fact, Cassandra had already guessed what Kelvin wanted to ask, but Kelvin hadn't said a word for the past few days, so she h

creen, she whispered," hello.''

At the other end of the phone, Andrew shouted angrily, "are you the woman that Daniel met at the cold palace of the film and television city the other day? !"

Cassandra was so scared that she almost threw the phone away It seemed that she had forgotten something important in Kelvin's words

The Daniel hall dropped into the World Media! !

Damn it! She had totally forgotten about it. She had thought that Daniel was on a whim at that time, but it turned out that he even appeared in the World Media!

However, it was not her fault

Then Cassandra swallowed and stammered, "um, Mr. Andrew, I'm sorry for the misunderstanding, It may be a bit big... "

"Then why don't you explain to me! ! I was wondering why that dumb blonde agreed to come to the World Media all of a sudden! Damn it! "

Cassandra was stunned, "what did you say?''

She knew every word that Andrew said, but she couldn't understand what he said.

"Daniel has come to the World Media for the little fairy he cares about. If I'm not mistaken, the little fairy he referred to is you Cassandra, why are you so attractive to men? !" His face darkened with anger.

Speechless, Cassandra scratched her head. Why were you so excited?!

"But Maybe I am too outstanding? " Replied Cassandra weakly.

What can I do?

I'm also very desperate! !

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