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   Chapter 107 please me alone

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6608

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In her previous life, Cassandra didn't owe anyone, including Martin. But for Greyson, this young man who supported her wholeheartedly but finally died because of her! !

Therefore, when Martin mentioned Greyson, she stood up solemnly and asked him for more advice, because in her previous life, she hadn't said anything to him or thanked him.

She owed Greyson one life in her previous life, and since she was reborn in this life, she would pay him back by ten or even a hundred times the things she owed in her previous life.

"What's wrong? Are you feeling uncomfortable? " Martin noticed that she didn't look well and frowned.

Cassandra came to herself and coughed, "nothing. By the way, I heard from Josef that Fiona was injured? Is it serious? "

Martin's knitted brows became smooth again and nodded, "well, it is still unknown.''

With her hands under her chin, Cassandra pouted and said, "Martin, am I really useless?''

Cassandra recalled her previous life. In addition to some self-defense skills she learnt from Greyson, she was almost a good for nothing in her previous life.

"No, you've done a good job," said Martin

He wished she could live in his control like this forever, but now, all these had begun to get out of his control.

Cassandra stared at Martin with a pitiful look and said, "well, Martin, you will spoil me if you spoil me like this. What if I am spoiled by you and displease the people around you?''

With a half-smile on his face, Martin said, "it doesn't matter. You only have to please me.''

Cassandra, "..."

I can't accept such a result, so I just handed the tea to the big boss.

A moment later, Carlos received the news from L City, With a serious expression on his face, he looked at Martin and said, "master, news from L City.''

Martin nodded and ordered in a cold voice, "say it.''

Taking a glance at Cassandra, who was dozing off, Carlos didn't say anything more since Martin didn't ask her to leave. C

After thinking for a while, Cassandra said: "omnipotent Martin, can you make hot pot? You've filled my stomach with porridge for a whole day. I think I'm able to eat a pig now! "

She couldn't understand why she couldn't eat any meat since it was her leg injury! ! 'Okay?!

It's her first marriage and she doesn't know how to get married now?

They really couldn't get through it!

"Your leg is injured...'', Martin frowned

Cassandra stared pitifully at Martin," my leg was injured, but you didn't say that I couldn't eat hot pot, Besides, Doctor Kevin didn't forbid me from eating hotpot either. I really want to eat hot pot. Just make it light, okay?''

With a helpless expression on his face, Martin nodded and said, "okay.''

A happy smile spread over Cassandra's face. "Get ready. I'll help you in the kitchen.''

Martin was worried about her wound and wanted to reject. But it was the first time for him to hear such intimate words from a girl. So he nodded and said, "OK, but don't move.''

"Okay! How could you be so long winded, just like an old man? " Murmured Cassandra.

Martin's face darkened and said, "I am not old at all.''

The corners of Cassandra's mouth twitched, 'I'm just complaining. This guy is really boring. If this continues, I'll like other man sooner or later.'! !

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