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   Chapter 106 could you teach me more in the future

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After Josef finished saying, the rest nodded in agreement. To be honest, even though Martin and Cassandra were married, deep in their hearts, this woman was only a toy for Martin on the spur of the moment. When he got tired of her, sooner or later, Fiona would become the hostess of the Lu clan and Martin would be taken care of by Fiona.

Both physically and mentally, Fiona had been serving Martin for many years, and she had dealt with a lot of trouble for him. A woman like her was a perfect match for him and a qualified hostess of the Lu clan.

In their eyes, Cassandra was just a useless rubbish!

"When do I need you to have a say in my decision?" Martin said in a low voice.

Josef was choked and squinted her eyes. Unwilling to give up, he said with hatred, "master, Miss Fiona is seriously injured in L City. No one knows whether she is alive or dead. Do you really leave her alone? Don't forget, Miss Fiona is negotiating with the forces in L City on behalf of you! "

With a cold expression on Martin's face, Martin stared at Josef and asked, "so?''

Josef bit his teeth and answered, "although our negotiation was a success, Miss. Fiona was seriously injured. I think you should go to L City and pick her up.''

"Haha..." Martin sneered and his face was covered with a layer of frost almost visible to the naked eye. He said in a moderate voice, "are you really under me or under Fiona?''

Josef was surprised, He knelt on the ground and answered, "of course I'm one of the masters.''

"I don't think so. I will soon..."

"Master! Josef was too confused at that moment so he talked nonsense. Could you please let him go for the sake of he has followed you for so many years? " Said Carlos, his voice trembling.

The rest kept their heads down and didn't dare to speak. They all knew Martin's temper. If they interceded for Josef now, it would add insult to injury.

Standing on the ground, Josef said with a gloomy face, "Carlos, you do

a showed a flattering expression.

"Okay, but fighting skill is not good for health, so we must be patient," said Martin

Cassandra immediately nodded her head, "Okay, I know. I'll be fine under Greyson's guidance.''

As a matter of fact, Greyson had not figured out what was going on. they directly put the blame on Greyson, Could it be that Greyson taught her how to do? Nobody asked for his opinion?

Cassandra looked reluctant and was dressed in tender clothes She must be a student It might not be easy to teach her

"Greyson, take care...", Carlos prayed for his brother

This might be the most difficult task Greyson cloud had ever received

"Ha-ha, master Greyson, I will recover as soon as possible, and then please teach me, don't worry. With my current talent, I will definitely study very fast.'' Cassandra said shamelessly.

"Yes, madam. I am leaving now."

Cassandra waved her hand, "OK, you go first.''

Seeing the young man stepping out of the hall, Cassandra gave a murderous look.

In her previous life, all Martin's followers had been on Fiona's side. She had no one to help her even when she had fallen into a trap.

But Greyson!

In the sea of blood, the young man risked his life for her, but this young man was killed by his opponent, and his body did not exist!

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