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   Chapter 105 I am not convinced

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6568

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As Cassandra spoke, she tightly held Martin's arms. No matter what, she couldn't allow him to take risks!

A tinge of astonishment flashed across Martin's face. It was the first time that he had seen a girl like this after he had married with Cassandra for so long. He thought that after that night, Cassandra would hate him and even dare not dream that the girl would take the initiative to get close to him.

However, he wouldn't deal with the matter in L City in person. If there was anything wrong

Noticing that Martin was still hesitating, Cassandra got rid of him and said with a stern look, "humph! You said you love me and would take care of me. You didn't even care about my injury and you went abroad. I don't have an important job yet. Martin, You don't like me at all! I have to run away from home! !"

At the end of her words, there was a sad look on Cassandra's face. She lost control of her emotions and almost cried out with resentment.

There was a dead silence in the ward.

As a result, Carlos went out of the room.

Sitting quietly in front of the bed, Martin's deep eyes suddenly fell on the girl, who was wearing an expression of grievance. For a long time, Martin said word by word, "OK, I won't go."

Cassandra was shocked. She was so angry that she lost control of her emotion. After she said this, she regretted. But as she had hit the wall, she had to hold on.

But she didn't expect that she could get the permission from Martin?!

Martin stretched out his hands and pulled her into his arms. He put his chin against her forehead and said in a hoarse voice, "how could I dislike you You are my fate... "

Then Cassandra rested her head on his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat. But at that moment, a huge sadness came from the bottom of her heart.

This man had only one year left

"Martin..." Cassandra asked in a low voice.

"What?", said Martin

Cassandra sniffed, "can you promise me not to die..."

en considerate enough to hold her to the side of Martin.

Cassandra, "..."

Ha-ha! That's rubbish leg!

Don't be angry, don't be angry, make me ugly! !

Martin gave a hint to Cassandra to sit beside him, Before her buttocks could not land on the ground, Josef looked at her with cold eyes and said, "my master, Miss. Fiona has risked her life for you but you want to be the mistress of the Lu clan with such a loser. I don't agree with it!''

She was a worthless woman who only knew how to make trouble. She even had a bruise. How could she be the hostess of Lu family!

The expression on Carlos's face changed dramatically. "Josef!''

This made Cassandra embarrassed. The next second, a big hand reached over and forced her to sit on the sofa.

She turned to look at Martin, who seemed calm without any emotions on his face, but his eyes were dark without any emotion.

"Done?" Martin raised his eyes and said with a poker face.

Josef stood there with his fists clenched. He was short of breath. "No. I have something to tell you! "This woman has no status, what can she help you?"? The person who had risked her life for you was Miss Fiona, but you had been protecting this girl all the time. She was only slightly injured, but you were as tough as an enemy I really can't tolerate it! "

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