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   Chapter 104 why don't you just plant a chrysanthemum !

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Like a thunder from the ground

Cassandra was dumbfounded. She felt great pain as if her chest was ripped by a knife.

She had seen his cruel and ruthless side, but she had never seen him as intimidating and inhuman as well. He was so weak and feeble

After a long while, she finally said in a hoarse voice, "Martin, don't be afraid. I won't leave I will never leave you... "

The man on the bed, as if hearing the girl's promise, calmed down, even the rage on his brows completely disappeared, but his big hand was still holding the girl's wrist, unwilling to let go.

When Cassandra woke up again, the person on the bed was gone, with a white furry blanket on it. She was not sure when she fell asleep last night.

"Martin..." The pain was so bad that her forehead started to sweat.


'my body is too weak now, It's time for me to get better. Otherwise, I don't know how I would be maltreated by others, let alone become stronger, ' she thought.

At this moment, Cassandra didn't have time to think too much. Dragging her injured leg, she quickly went to open the door. The moment the door was opened, a familiar figure came into her sight.

Martin, in a black suit, was talking to Carlos in the corridor. When he heard the noise, the man looked over and walked straight towards the girl with a frown.

"Why did you come out?" Asked Martin.

With her eyes wide open, Cassandra stared at Martin and said, "I thought you were..."

With a slight laugh, Martin reached out his big palm and softly rubbed the girl's head, "I'm fine. Does the wound still hurt?''

He only has one year to live, but he still said he was fine?!

This man, he should always be so proud!

The corners of Cassandra's mouth twitched. "It hurts. I thought you had an accident, so I stayed here looking for you. My wound was pulled open. It hurts..."

With a straight face, Ma


The look on Cassandra's face cracked Why don't you just help me! ! !

Rubbish, Martin! !

Trembling with fear, Carlos said, "well "Master, I'll leave."

No one loves me. I'm just a cabbage in my hands

The expression on Kevin's face was quite disgruntled. Then, he nodded his head and said, "all of a sudden, I remember that I have something very important to do. I have to go now, so I leave first.''

"Okay, get the car ready." Martin suggested abruptly.

Then Cassandra raised her head and asked," are you leaving again, Martin?"

Martin's body was not as good as he looked, but he held on, which made him look like an ordinary person. It was sad that sometimes this man was so stubborn.

After keeping silent for a few seconds, Martin said in a low voice, "well, I have something to deal with. Let me send you back first, okay?''

'I have tried every means to stop him, but it turns out that nothing can be changed?

Why did he have to go to L City

However, it was a matter of life and death for Martin who was in such a poor health. It would be impossible for him to come back alive if he was killed by the robbers.

She couldn't let Martin go there! !

"Damn it! Can you stay here? I don't want you to leave! "

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