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   Chapter 103 is there no other way

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6704

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After a long pause, Cassandra said in a low voice," tell me. Now that I'm married to Martin, I'm his wife. And as for his life It means a lot to me. "

The death of Martin was indeed of great importance to her. No matter what happened, she had to make every effort to save Martin. She wanted him to stay alive, at least when she became stronger.

Carlos stared at Cassandra," Sister in law, do you know that once you make a choice, you and the master will be in the same boat from now on? Even if you tell other one word, no one can save you.''

For a long time, Martin had been a thorn in the side of the Lu clan. This young man who had climbed up step by step in the past had long been a thorn in the side of the Lu clan. However, these people were not so obedient to Martin because of his power and means.

Then Cassandra looked down and said, "I know.''

Carlos let out a long and turbid breath. "In that case, let me tell you the truth, master has been so tired for a long time that he has fallen ill many years ago, About three years ago, he could hardly fall asleep at night. At first, he took medicine, but later on, his body was too weak. As a result In fact, his body is almost completely empty. If things keep going on like this, I'm afraid... "

Cassandra frowned and asked, "what are you afraid of?''

"I'm afraid that he won't live for even one year.'', said Carlos in a low voice, taking a glance at Kevin, who also looked gloomy

"What?! He won't live longer than a year? It's impossible! " Cassandra's eyes widened in disbelief.

In her previous life, Martin was in poor health, but he had been healthy for at least five years. Although he had a complete breakdown in the end, at least five years later!

How could this be! !

Then, Kevin massaged his eyebrows, and said, "the master has been suffering from a serious lack of vital energy, and some organs have already been depleted. If he continues to boil the oil with the oil on the lamps for one year I have reached my

inappropriate to say that, but he really loves you. In this world, only he will never hurt you. You just need to remember this. "

Then Cassandra waved her hand and said, "I see. You may leave now.''

Then, Carlos left the ward with Kevin.

Cassandra sat on the edge of the bed silently, her eyes falling on Martin who was still asleep with knitted brows and pale face.

Instinctively, Cassandra gently smoothed the wrinkles between his eyebrows, but her long fingers didn't leave at once. She kept sliding down along his cheeks, her fingertips touching his eyebrows and eyes little by little, and her heart was beating faster and faster.

As for Martin Maybe my idea is very ridiculous, but I really hope that you can live for a long time

All of a sudden, her wrist was grasped by a broad and cold hand. Cassandra was shocked and her pupils shrank. She thought that it must be Martin who had woken up, and there was an uncontrollable fear on her face. The next second, her frightened gaze fell on the man's face.

Lying on the bed, the man's eyes were still closed, and his eyebrows were filled with rage. The man's big hand gripped her tightly before Cassandra could struggle out of his embrace.

The sweat broke out on Cassandra's forehead. Then she heard the husky and low voice of the man, " Cassandra Don't go... "

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