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   Chapter 102 a minor wound

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Fiona squinted her eyes and said in a calm voice, "well, I have found out what happened here. I'll contact Martin.''

Carlos breathed a sigh of relief. "Yes, Miss Fiona, thank you so much.''

"It's not your first time to be with Martin. You don't have to be so polite to me."

Carlos smiled awkwardly. Like others, he had regarded Fiona as the future hostess of the Lu family and Martin's wife. Only Fiona was qualified to match with Martin in both strength and appearance.

However, ever since Martin married with Cassandra, this cold and cruel man got more passion and desires

Perhaps, Cassandra could really help Martin to change the situation and make him a better person!

Carlos had been accompanying Martin since he was a child. He knew clearly how Martin had climbed up to the top of the abyss by killing and blood.

All the people present saw that Martin now controlled more than half of the Lu family, with incomparable power, but no one saw that he had been trying hard to become strong in countless long nights.

If one wanted to reach the peak of martial arts, he had to make great efforts which were different from ordinary people. And it was not easy for anyone to succeed.

Taking a deep breath, Carlos said, "Miss Fiona, I'm sorry.''

This "sorry" didn't mean that they couldn't go to M country as they promised before, but in his heart, they had gradually recognized Cassandra as the hostess of Lu family.

Fiona did not sense anything wrong. She smiled and said, "Carlos, there is no need to be so polite between you and me. Please take good care of Martin for me.''

Carlos wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. Finally he said in a low voice, "well, I see. If there is nothing else, I have to hang up.''

Fiona didn't say anything else and hung up the phone. After calming down, Carlos went out. When he came out of the firefighting staircase, he saw that

gave him a general check-up. After that, he heaved a sigh of relief.

"How is Cassandra?'', asked Martin, who was standing in front of the bed

Kevin wiped off a cold sweat," The master is fine. he doesn't have a good rest, Besides, he is too nervous, so he fainted. I give him an infusion of glucose later. When he wakes up, you can have some liquid food, he will be fine after a rest.''

With knitted brows, Cassandra thought Martin didn't have a good rest and was so nervous that he fainted while It seemed to be worse than she thought.

Then Cassandra raised her head and asked, "doctor Kevin, please tell me the truth about Martin What happened? "

Kevin froze for a moment, and subconsciously looked at Carlos, After a long silence, Carlos stared at Cassandra with a straight face and said, "my lady, our master ordered us to guard his illness, so we haven't told you anything about it. You should think it over, too. Once you want to know, what we tell you will become your burden. You need to share it with us, You can't tell anyone. Think it over, and then tell me the answer. "

The physical condition of Martin had always been a taboo for him. If it weren't for Kevin who had been making every effort to maintain his health, his condition would have been even worse.

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