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   Chapter 101 Cassandra is my friend

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6596

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Outside the operating room.

After a long while, Johnny received a call from Gillian.

"What? Mr. Gillian, Cassandra is still in the operating room. Do you want all of us to leave now? It's impossible! " Johnny said angrily.

Now the situation was unknown to Cassandra, but Gillian's sudden request to all of them to leave was unacceptable. Even the rest of the crew couldn't do it, let alone Johnny.

"I can't explain it clearly to you. Anyway, you have to leave here within three minutes. Otherwise, I can't protect you."

Just now, Gillian suddenly received a notice from the headquarters, asking him to remove his people. He was also confused and didn't know what was the matter with this notice, Who the hell was this girl?

Why did Andrew come so abruptly as soon as she came? Now, even the head quarter had informed them of this sudden presence

Or is Cassandra the woman of some senior executive in the Lu group?

"Mr. Gillian, Cassandra is my friend. I won't leave unless she leaves safely, '' There was no room for discussion in his tone.

Hearing this, Gillian was anxious and said immediately, "Johnny, don't be rude to me! The people from the headquarter will be here in a minute, I think Miss Cassandra is a friend of him, so he will come here soon, It won't be convenient for you to stay here, Do you understand what I mean? "

"Even if he's a friend of Cassandra, there's nothing we can't do here," Johnny continued, frowning

He didn't want to miss the chance. If they didn't leave, he couldn't handle it well if he met the head-on?

"Give the phone to Kelvin," said Gillian immediately

With a snort of contempt, Johnny handed the phone to Kelvin. Kelvin took it over with doubts on her face. "Mr. Gillian, I have a word with director Johnny. You don't have to persuade us anymore. We won't leave until Miss Cassandra comes out of the room," , she said to Gillian

However, it was not easy for him to deal with this obstinate man

" mistress got hurt on the film set and is having an operation right now, And master is in the hospital. I'm afraid he won't be able to come back to L City.''

Fiona's face suddenly darkened. She clenched her fists and left a deep scratch. She was so angry that Martin neglected what happened in L City, It seemed that she still underestimated the woman's importance in Martin's heart

Fiona tried her best to control her emotion. After a while, she said in a deep voice, "I know. I'll deal with this matter, and later I'll send someone to the hospital to visit Miss Cassandra.''

Hearing that, Carlos was stunned for a while. Even a blind man could see how much Fiona loved Martin, not to mention that during these years, a lot of people around Martin had regarded Fiona as the future hostess of the Lu family. He had thought that Fiona knew that Martin couldn't make a move to m National Congress to get angry because of Cassandra, but he hadn't expected that Fiona was so brave

Carlos couldn't believe his ears

Carlos came to himself quickly and coughed. "Well, Miss. Fiona, please take care of the things in L City. But our master doesn't like others to intervene in his affairs, especially her ladyship So you don't have to send someone here, Miss Fiona. I'll convey your good will to the master. "

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