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   Chapter 100 the horse was out of control

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"Go back to the company first." Martin said in a low voice.

The corners of Carlos's mouth twitched slightly. He knew it. In front of his young master, his principles and bottom line were nothing.

However, he was also curious about what on earth did Cassandra say on the phone. Even his master couldn't keep calm.

Carlos didn't dare to ask more, but after what had happened last night, Cassandra didn't seem to have any antipathy towards Martin. Should he say that his sister-in-law was broad-minded or stupid?

Another battle was going on behind Cassandra. They were besieged by the enemy when they were checking up his strength. All of them tried their best to break through the siege and escaped back to the barracks seriously.

All departments were ready in place.

Under the camera, a bloody red sunset hung high in the sky. Both sides were in a fierce battle. In the midst of a bloodthirsty battle, Cassandra was seriously injured with blood all over her body. But she struggled for her last breath, rushing out of the encirclement with her subordinates.

Because there was a man waiting for her in the bustling imperial capital in Jinling


All of a sudden, the white horse raised its front hooves and dashed wildly on the film set. At first, everyone thought it could work, but it went crazy.

"The horse went out of control! Everyone, move away! ! !" Cassandra suddenly shouted.

Johnny and the assistant director in charge of the stage also noticed that something was wrong with the onlookers. His face went pale. He immediately shouted at them with a loud speaker, "everyone, get out of the way! The horse went out of control. Get out of the way! ! Where is the trainer? "

The assistant director's voice fell, and a short and fat man, whose face was gray, squeezed out of the crowd, "director Zheng, I am here, I will immediately find a way to stop the horse!"

The dumpy man was the trainer in the crew. It was easy to make mistakes in shooting scenes. Johnny wanted to replace the position and add the camera to the scenes of the horse, but Cassandra wanted to ride with a real horse. She knew riding and was go

r experience, it was very likely that the horse lost control was man-made.

Considering that it was convenient to shoot, all the horse in the team chose mild tempered horses. With the presence of the trainer, there was almost no problem. But this time, the horse suddenly lost control and fell down like this. Kelvin intuitively suspected that this was not a coincidence.

Johnny frowned," Mr. Ryan called me just now. He said that he had checked the monitoring, but he didn't find anything wrong Maybe it was because the horse was frightened suddenly that it went out of control. "

'there's nothing wrong with the surveillance video. That means no one dares to plot against the horse. But how could the horse lose control? Was it really a coincidence?

Kelvin said in a deep voice," I will investigate it later. If it is an accident, I won't say anything. But if it is made by someone, director Johnny, please give me a reasonable explanation."

With a worn-out look on his face, Johnny said, "I understand. Now I only hope that Cassandra is fine. Otherwise..."

It was his crew. He had witnessed the accident

The look on Kelvin's face softened as he said, "all right. Now we're waiting for the doctor. God bless the child.''

The probability of falling down from a horse is very small, but because of inertia and impact, it will usually cause serious inner and outer injuries, not to mention that Cassandra is a woman

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