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   Chapter 98 the gaze was so professional

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6766

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"In this play, it's the first time for a second female role to see the hero. The hero is the most disliked prince. He went to the general's house to capture her father as his role, but they met in the house accidentally. She misunderstood that the hero was just bluffing to force him into the room, but she almost lost in World War, and was saved by the hero. Since then, there were hidden emotions in the her heart, Listen, you must grasp your own limbs well, the male's body and facial expressions didn't change much in this scene Do you understand what I mean? " Soon, Johnny started working with a serious look on his face.

The script, Cassandra, had read it over and completed all the notes. She had also carefully studied the set of the role, so she was able to understand what Johnny meant at this moment.

Then Cassandra nodded, "yes.''

After some more small talk with Johnny and Ken, Johnny said, "well, let's get to the point. The real fight is getting started. You guys go get ready.''

After hanging up on Johnny's instruction, he checked the site again to make sure everything was ready, Then he picked up the loud speaker and announced, "party three, party one, please get ready Action!"

"The God of war", the third round and the first round, the characters appearing:Leo, guard Liam, Sophia, General Su, we have acted several people

The sound of drawing board dropped, and the whole room was quiet.

In the general's house.

Prince Leo and Liam, the guard, were waiting for General Su in the backyard. At this time, a figure in green flew down from the roof. It was dressed in green and had a simple ponytail on the back of its head. It was casually gathered with a jade hairpin, looking extremely valiant and heroic.

"Who are you? Since you don't know this is the general's mansion, how dare you break in? " Scolded the man in a cold voice, raising his eyebrows after he landed on the ground.

Liam drew a step forward and was about to say something, but Prince Leo stopped him.

the battlefield, can I see you alone?''

Prince Leo was surprised, as he didn't expect that Sophia would mention this. Then he nodded, "Okay, I'll wait for your victory.''

And Sophia's smile was as gentle as that of the washroom, which made people feel very comfortable.

A few seconds later, all people in the crew finally came back to earth when they heard Johnny's excited shout. He stared at the woman in front of him, as if Cassandra was the incarnation of Sophia!

Johnny went back and watched the playback of her play several times, especially Cassandra's last smile. He stared at it more than ten times, then he said excitedly, "wonderful! ! She had such a sharp eyes! Everyone behaved well! Fine! Let's have a rest and get ready for the next round! "

The next scene was set up by Cassandra, so she put on her costume and strolled to Johnny's side.

"Director Johnny, did I behave well just now?'' Cassandra asked with a smile.

"You're so smart! That's great. Of course, Ken and Jack did a great job! "

Johnny was a reserved person, but the scene he had just shot was indeed perfect, and he could not restrain his excitement.

Cassandra was embarrassed by the praise. She said a few conventional words, and suddenly her phone rang. She took out the phone and saw the caller ID was Carlos.

Why did Carlos call now?!

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