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   Chapter 97 the beauty is still young and the hero is young

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Strangers such as jade, Childe world unique.

At that moment, this was the only thing in Cassandra's mind. It must be said that Ken was born in the entertainment circle, and God must be willing to give him a handsome face to compete with him.

That was an age that depended on people's appearance

Cassandra was a real bitch. Thinking of the death of the Ken, she felt a little depressed. Maybe she had a dignity, but if she was not smart enough, she was like a flash in the pan, and someone would kick her down at any time.

"Oh my God! Why are you here? " A girl shouted excitedly.

"Come on! I'm just a newcomer. I don't have the right to use a private dressing room, do I?" said Ken, sneering

Although Ken was still a newcomer, he had a close relationship with Johnny. The whole crew had prepared a separate dressing room for him. He ran to the public dressing room at this time, obviously he had other intentions.

But Cassandra just ignored them as she saw the excitement on the dresser's face. "Okay. I can do it myself,” she said

The dresser was surprised to hear that. Her cheeks were reddish, but she shook her head and said, "thank you, Miss Cassandra. But this is my job. I will continue dressing you."

Cassandra cast a glance at the make-up artist and thought, 'she didn't expect the girl could resist the temptation. It's not easy.'.

"What's your name?" Cassandra asked casually


Cassandra was taken aback and almost jumped up from her chair. What kind of luck she had Becky!

After all, Becky would be one of the best makeup artists in the entertainment circle in the future!!

Before the shooting of "the God of war", Becky had been highly valued as a makeup artist. After the shooting of "the God of war", Becky had declared that she would come back to the filming site and promised to make up for free, and then "the God of war" had been exposed. By now, Becky had become one of the to

nny and asked with a smile.

All of a sudden, Johnny was so excited that he said, " Cassandra, I don't know what other hidden skills you have!"

Cassandra didn't expect his reaction. She coughed to cover her embarrassment. Did she scare them this time? It was lucky that she always dressed like this in her previous life. Otherwise, she could hardly make it.

Raising her eyebrows, Cassandra asked, "Director Johnny, are you making fun of me? What other skill do I have? Is everyone ready? Shall we begin shooting now? "

"Oh, I forgot it. The shooting will begin in five minutes. You guys,Cassandra,Ken,Adrian,come with me. I'll tell you what happened,” Johnny said

Then she looked to a silent man next to her. This man was in a black robe, with a Pan long dragon embroidered on his chest. He is the heroine of this play, and he is Adrian, the heroine of Prince Leo.


This man had been working hard for a long time from the bottom of the society, and his acting skills were impeccable, but he had always been half famous. Later, he disappeared with the bankruptcy of the World Media, and his whereabouts were mysteriously unknown.

So, she didn't know how Adrian would end. Besides, she didn't have a deep impression of him. She would just treat him as a normal celebrity.

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