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After that, Andrew and Gillian bid farewell to each other and left the film and television city for a short while. Then, Cassandra's nerves finally got relaxed, and she also felt a headache for this unexpected man, Andrew,.

In her previous life, she spent most of her time in the Yan garden, so she was not familiar with other people in the Lu family. She only met Andrew a few times, but when she returned, she seemed to have changed a lot unconsciously.

Massaging the spot between her eyebrows, Cassandra cupped her chin in frustration, wondering if she should send a message to Martin on we chat, but unexpectedly, Johnny came over.

"Miss Cassandra, why are you hiding here? Come on, follow me to see the No.2 actor, our handsome man is here, ha ha. " Johnny smiled.

finally, Ken came here.

Although many things had changed, most of the things would be the same. Cassandra didn't know this time. Since she was here, she wouldn't let Ken repeat the mistakes that had happened in the past.

She was not a white lotus, who would save anyone she saw, but she was concerned about someone who should be saved, while someone She should have her own end!

Since she didn't have any connections in the entertainment circle, she had to start from scratch. But there was a long way to go in the entertainment circle. It was almost impossible for a newcomer with no background to join the entertainment circle, then the only possibility was that she founded a circle.

She wanted to save Ken and herself!

Then Cassandra stood up and said, "director Johnny, since we are already familiar with each other, I think it is unnecessary for you to call me miss Cassandra, it sounds so wired. You can just call me by my name Or Cassandra will do you a favor. "

After pausing for a second, Johnny smiled and said, "well, don't take what happened today seriously. This is how people in this circle climb and climb the ground..."

Cassandra smiled," Don't worry, director Johnny. I won't take these trifles seriously. Thank you and Jack. Please stand out to help me at this time.''


is your partner, Ken, , and he's a good tempered man. Don't stand on ceremony with him, or you'll regret it.''

"Director Johnny, you didn't say that before. You just asked me to be easy on Sophia," thought Cassandra with a frown!

Then Cassandra nodded, "nice to meet you, Mr. Ken.''

"Miss Cassandra, please don't be so formal with director Johnny. He is my good friend. You can take his words seriously, '' said Ken, withdrawing his gaze from the surprise

Cassandra was stunned and didn't get the meaning of Ken. After a few seconds, she said, "okay.''

The contrast between him and Cassandra amused Ken. He didn't want to take part in this drama at the beginning, because he was too busy recently, but he was dragged to the end by Johnny. It seemed that he made a good decision.

"Well, now that everyone is here, please get ready for the shooting in the afternoon." Johnny clapped his hands, indicating that the departments should get ready.

The crowd dispersed slowly.

But Cassandra didn't show any difference to Ken. After the crowd dispersed, she went to the dressing room directly. She was a new comer and didn't have any work, so there was no separate dressing room except the one shared by the crew.

As soon as Cassandra sat down, a slender figure slowly walked in. Following the man's exclamation, she didn't turn around, but caught a glimpse of a very beautiful face

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