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   Chapter 95 I will try my best

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6926

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"No Mr. Andrew, did you make a mistake? I'm the number one here! Why did you fire me for a newcomer! I won many big awards for the company! !" Ella said hurriedly with a panic expression on her face.

As if he had heard a big joke, Andrew said in a cold voice, "the number one in the company? If it weren't for the company's support for you, you would be nothing! As long as I'm, Andrew, here, I can find whatever kind of girl I want, If you have any problem in your conduct, I'm sorry that we don't train such a black sheep. So, Gillian will immediately find a financial and legal counselor to terminate his contract with Ella. However, all the companies under the FX International Group Cooperation is forbidden! "

It was a few seconds before Gillian regained his poise. Everything came so suddenly. However, there was no way he could retrieve the situation as he had been refused by Andrew. After all, Ella was the most famous artist in the company

"Yes, Mr. Andrew. I'll take care of it," , said Gillian dejectedly

"Besides, I don't want this kind of thing to happen again. Otherwise, you know what to do."

"Yes, Mr. Andrew, '', replied Gillian, who suddenly got a cold sweat on his forehead

what Andrew did helped Cassandra, after he told Gillian, Then he looked at Cassandra with a big smile and said, "Cassandra, are you satisfied with my punishment?"

All the crew members were speechless

What the hell was going on?!

'so they know each other?!

No wonder Andrew was so open to a woman. Now she knew the reason?

But, Cassandra didn't say that they knew each other. Ella was so unlucky. She thought that she could bewitch any of the new members casually, but she didn't expect that she had offended someone this time.

Cassandra was speechless, she touched her forehead and said," Miss Lu, please don't call me like this. We are not that close yet. You can just call my name.''

"Are you going to burn the bridge after crossing it?", Andrew asked

Cassandra, "..."

Andrew, do you know the word! !

Who has crossed the line w

World Media or not," Bobby retorted

With an indifferent expression, Daniel said, "so what? If you are mistaken, I can stand Andrew up again. After all, most of the family members are there, so it's no harm for me to be there, isn't it? "

Hearing that, Bobby was speechless. What Daniel said sounded reasonable. He could not refute that

However, if it was known to the public that Daniel had gone to the World Media to pursue his girlfriend, it would be another uproar.

Everyone envied him that he had a good card. But no one knew that he had been having a hard time all the way. If Daniel didn't listen to his words, it would be troublesome.

Bobby sighed helplessly," Well, now that you made such a decision, I'll contact Mr. Andrew later. Once the plan is implemented, we'll arrange for you to go there. But after you go there, you have to be honest. If you cause such a big trouble again, I can't help you.''

"As long as I can see my loved one again, I will behave well and try to marry her as soon as possible," said Daniel, raising his eyebrows

Bobby: "...."

He suddenly had a bad feeling

Was this guy Make trouble! ! !

Marry her?!

Did he know that he had a powerful wife backing him up?

He had already lost a large number of his fans because of that microblog post. If he were to post it again, he would definitely be severely punished!

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