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   Chapter 94 a mountain without two tigers

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As these words were blurted out of her mouth, Ella turned to look at Cassandra, with a trace of resentment flashing in her eyes. But she still managed to squeeze a smile on her face, She said intimately, "sister Cassandra, I was too anxious just now, so I said those words without careful diction, After all, we work in the same company and we all have a clear conscience, right? I hope you don't mind it.''

It sounded nice, but there was a sting hidden in Ella's words. It reminded Cassandra not to forget that they are in the same company. If Cassandra deliberately embarrassed her at this time, then from now on, she had a way to get her revenge.

After all, not only the World Media but also the entertainment circle, Ella had a much higher status than Cassandra. As long as Cassandra was not a fool, she would take advantage of this to save her face.

All the people turned to look at Cassandra. Although Cassandra didn't vent her anger, it was already the limit to make Ella apology.

This was a principle in this circle. Every dog has his day. Who knew what would happen next time? It was the wise choice to leave a way out for himself.

"What if I must take it to my heart?" Cassandra said word by word, with a perfect smile on her face.

She came back not to swallow insult and humiliation. Moreover, she had already known the end of Ella. She was just a newcomer in the entertainment circle. If she endured, there might be someone else making trouble for her next time. Since Ella bumped into her, why not take this opportunity to punish others as a warning to others?

No matter how you try to stop me, I'll break through it with my sword!

The crowd immediately let out a gasp of air. Of course, there were also many people with a look of admiration on their faces. These people had often been bullied and oppressed by Ella in the company, but because of her identity, they didn't dare to offend her easily. In this case, Ella was also deeply offended by Cassandra.

Ella didn't expect that Cassandra would humiliate her in front

And once she was fired by the company, basically there was no way of acting in the world. No director would want to fire any actors from other crew.

Cassandra was too young after all

Hearing this, Ella looked at Cassandra with pride, waiting to see her embarrassment. A newcomer who just made debut was so arrogant and reckless that she even provoked her!

With a serious look on Gillian's face, Eugene said, "Mr. Andrew, although Cassandra is a new comer, she is also a strong fighter How about giving her one more chance? What do you think? "

Cassandra had an extraordinary talent in public relations. Besides, Gillian had watched her interview video. Cassandra had a great talent in music. Though he didn't know that she would become famous overnight, especially with her great talent for public relations. He didn't want to lose a popular star.

Andrew's cold eyes swept across the crowd. He said slowly, "who said I was going to fire Cassandra? She is not the one I want to fire.''

"So you mean..."

Andrew sneered, "indeed, a mountain without two tigers can't accommodate two people at the same time, But I didn't tell you that the one being fired is called Cassandra."

As soon as Andrew finished speaking, Ella stared at Andrew in shock, her face turning livid.

How is that possible?! !

She was the last person that Andrew wanted to fire!

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