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   Chapter 93 Ella, you don't have to make any judgment

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Ella snorted, staring at Cassandra with a contemptuous look on her face. "Who do you think you are? Why should I pick them up? Do you think you can win people's support by some simple means? Humph! When I was famous, you even dared to talk nonsense to me? !"

Cassandra looked calm as if she hadn't heard Ella, and said, "I'll say it again. Pick it up.''

Ella had thought that her arrogance would be even greater than that of Cassandra. However, contrary to her expectation, Cassandra didn't fear her at all, but looked at her as if she was as weak as an ant!


What the hell was this bitch! How dare he despise her! !

She, Ella, was at least the mainstay of the World Media. She believed that she could handle a newcomer!

Getting up from the chair angrily, Ella said, "what if I don't pick it up?! I won't even bother to look at a trash like you! Just because you are good-looking? I wonder what kind of tricks you have used to get this female supporting role! Humph! Flies are flies. They are never presentable! Believe it or not, I can directly block you out with a phone call! "

Ella thought she was the No.1 star of the World Media. Now it was a time when the World Media had risen up. Gillian would not blame her and her business had developed well in the past few years, so it was easy for her to deal with Cassandra.

After all, there was no justice in this circle.

"Ella, don't go too far! Cassandra is a woman who earned her reputation on her own. Unlike you, you aim at interests. You must know who could get the position just by virtue of her beauty. No need to blame me. " At this moment, Jack couldn't stand it anymore. He spoke for Cassandra.

At this moment, Johnny wasn't at home, so Jack had no idea where he was going. But as an assistant, he didn't want to get involved in Ella's business. After all, Ella was now the nu

think too much and came here in a hurry. After all, the film crew of Johnny's company was very rigorous in every way. He didn't expect to meet Ella who played a big role in the film crew.

Gillian's face turned pale. "Mr. Andrew, it's my fault. Please punish me.''

Ella hurried to add, "Mr. Andrew, I didn't mean it It's a bad day. We've been acting for a long time, and I'm really impatient, so I lost control of my emotions just now. Please forgive me, Mr. Andrew... "

"Forgive her? I am not the one who ask for your forgiveness. "

Ella was stunned, not only her, but all the members of the crew were stunned. It was obvious that Andrew wanted to stand up for Cassandra

She didn't know whether it was a coincidence or was there any ulterior motive.

Having been in this circle for so many years, Ella knew what Andrew wanted to do. So she turned to look at Cassandra unwillingly. She felt so humiliated to ask her to apologize to a new actress in front of the whole film crew?

However, if she didn't apologize to Cassandra, it would be hard for Andrew to stop being angry

Ella drew a smile on her face and said, "now that Mr. Andrew said so, I'd like to apologize to Cassandra. I promise I won't make such a mistake again.''

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