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   Chapter 92 I would not die outside

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Carlos coughed," Well, I have told them to keep an eye on Cassandra and take her medicine on time. The filming will not be too hard for the time being. It should be no problem for the crew to take part in.''

"Yes," replied Martin

"By the way, Miss Fiona went to L City last night. I guess the situation in the city is due to L City I'm afraid that what happened to Elder Lucia before has completely angered the interests of some members of the clan. Now that Josef has been transferred back, master, you have to go there at this time, and I always feel a little uneasy... " Said Carlos worriedly.

Elder Lucia had been executed harshly by Martin. Although Elder Lucia had been alive, she had crippled both of her legs, which were more serious than Mr. Song. Now she could only exhale.

Some members of the Lu clan were displeased with how cruel Martin had been to his opponent. They were afraid that they would be his next target, so they formed an alliance secretly to deprive Martin of his power and regain the CEO position of the Lu group

A massacre that had been brewed for a long time was about to erupt.

If Martin could survive, then no one in the Lu clan could match. If he failed this time He would probably have a narrow escape

The atmosphere froze. Carlos stared at Martin with a serious look, waiting for his answer.

Martin's face was calm and there was a murderous look in his deep set eyes. But he soon disappeared and said word by word, "I won't die outside.''

He had someone to protect, so no matter what happened, he would not die outside

He didn't finish his words.

"Yes, master. I'll arrange it now. If it's of great importance, I'll transfer all the owl guard team to you. I'll take care of you."

"There is no need. Keep seven forces in Jingshi city."

Carlos was shocked," Master, the Seven teams are the most powerful among the twelve teams, and you train


Many people didn't like Ella when she played a big role in the movie. But they didn't dare to irritate her because she was the leading role and the main character. Nobody expected her to be so stupid.

Fancy's face turned livid, but she didn't dare to say anything. She was Ella's assistant and depended on Ella to have a meal. Since Ella was a bad tempered person, she often not only insulted her with words, but even beat her directly. She had suffered a lot from helping Ella, but she didn't dare to say anything.

"Pick it up." A deep voice suddenly came from the crowd.

Then, Cassandra stood up from the crowd and looked at Ella indifferently. Others were afraid of Ella, but she was not If she remembered correctly, this stupid woman, Ella, had a lot of dirty secrets behind her. In her previous life, the shooting of this movie was delayed for several years because of Johnny. And the heroine of the play It was not Ella at all!

Hearing this, Ella raised her head and stared at Cassandra coldly. She didn't like Cassandra at the booting ceremony because on that day, Cassandra, who was supposed to be the heroine, was snatched away all the attention by Ella!


She hadn't found a reason to start, but to her surprise, Cassandra came herself!

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