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   Chapter 90 I'm sorry

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6672

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After Martin finished speaking, he slowly stretched out his hand and wiped off her tears with a very gentle motion. "Cassandra Don't be afraid... "

Because of his groundless suspicion, she fell into such a situation. He said that he would not let anyone hurt her, but to the person who had hurt her the most.

Martin turned around and walked towards the door of the room.

"Master, where are you going?", Carlos asked in surprise

After a short pause, he said, "let's go for a walk."

Go out for a walk?

Why doesn't his master stay with her now?

But Cassandra just now didn't came to her sense. If his master personally took actions now, she might cause trouble.

"Then I'll tell you when Cassandra settled down. "

Without saying a word, Martin left the box in a difficult position.

In the Yan Garden.

Cassandra was terribly frightened, she had a high fever after coming back and remained in bed, muddleheaded, she sometimes woke up from a nightmare and was agitated.

Kevin checked her up and was sure that she had no other symptoms except a fever. However, if the high fever kept going, she would probably suffer from other complications.

"Carlos, what's wrong with her? Didn't I tell you not to let her catch cold again? Don't blame me if the fever makes her dizzy. " Kevin felt speechless.

Carlos glared at him. "Cut the crap. Cure her as soon as possible. If you can't, I will send you to cyan dragon camp!''

Cyan dragon camp was one of the most valiant military forces in the capital city. It was under the leadership of a military leader, and only listened to the leaders' orders without accepting any other commands. With Kevin's superb medical skills, Christina wanted to join the army and be an accompanying military physician.

The corners of his mouth twitched. In a rage, Kevin shouted, "get out! I will not go to the cyan dragon camp even if I beat you to death. I'm so thin skinned and weak. Once I go to that place, I'm not mine anymo

and checked all the chat applications of Cassandra. It turned out that she had added Susan's phone and we chat account to her blacklist. The message that Susan had used to deceive her to meet Roger was directly sent as a rubbish message.

So, Cassandra didn't notice that text at all

She was so bored at that time that she just wanted to take a breath of fresh air because she met her grandmother

Such a simple trap, but he fell into the trap that Susan had set in advance!

He should have known that Susan would not tell him those things all of a sudden, because she just wanted to dispel his doubts

Martin stood in front of the bed, holding the cellphone tightly like a sculpture. The murderous look in his eyes froze the large room.

He had never been a kind person. If anyone dared to offend him, he would let them pay a heavy price! !

In the GR Clan's house.

Sitting on the balcony with a very gloomy face, Roger held the handrail tightly with his fingers. The cell phone that was smashed by him was on the ground.

How dare that woman hang up his phone without any explanation!

damn! !

Didn't she beg not to break up with him?!

She has just married for a few days and now she was out of her mind?!

But Roger didn't notice that there was also a hint of anger mixed with Being jealous

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