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   Chapter 89 trust

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6043

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"I didn't I didn't have I didn't go Why don't you believe me? " Cassandra couldn't believe her ears. She shook her head, with her eyes wide open and her voice trembling.

Fury had engulfed Martin, and he was deaf to her. All of a sudden, he strangled her with his huge hand, his eyes filled with fury and killing intent.

Why did she lie to him

why! ! !

A sense of fear rose in Cassandra's bones, her pupils slightly shrinking, her body shaking crazily. Scenes of her previous life, like a movie, flashed through her mind, and huge despair, like a tsunami, spread throughout her body in an instant.

As for Martin He was a bloodthirsty, ruthless, unemotional demon

Ever since she was reborn, because of her obedience, she hadn't completely activated the animal hidden in Martin's body. In this period of time, she got along well with Martin. Moreover, she also felt that although Martin didn't agree with her decision, he finally conceded

She had thought that she could start over with Martin again, but she was too naive?


She still couldn't believe it

She realized that she could only be alone in this world.

As Cassandra spoke, she felt that she could hardly breathe. The icy fingers of Martin strangled her neck like the iron claws. She even started to breathe hard.

Then Martin began to kiss wildly. Different from his usual tenderness and restraint, his kiss was like a wild animal out of control. With a sense of plundering and bloodthirsty, he loosened his big palm and fiercely tore the dress off Cassandra's neck

"Tear I... "

In the air, there was a sound of tearing cloth, and then, Martin directly pressed Cassandra on the leather sofa next to him, His expression became more and more crazy, like a beast biting on Cassandra's body.

After all I can

ied her best to control her trembling curve.

She Afraid of him?

That's right How could she not be afraid of it

How could this cold-blooded devil not be afraid?!

Martin raised his hand stiffly and was about to touch the girl's face. However, before his fingers touched the face of Cassandra, a great terror appeared on her face and her body trembled uncontrollably. Tears welled up from her eyes and she murmured, "Martin, don't hit me I didn't I really didn't I don't, Martin Please trust me I didn't... "

Martin's hand hung in the air as if being fixed and the girl's words resounded in his ears. At that moment, he felt that his chest was crushed and felt the great pain.

Martin drew his hand back slowly and held it tightly. His eyes turned red, as if there was a ghost in them which was being extinguished little by little.

After a long while, Martin's low and hoarse voice came from the quiet room, "send her back.''

He really wanted to send her back in person and apologize to her. It was all his fault just now

But he dared not.

"Yes, master.", replied Carlos in a trembling voice

"Ask Kevin to come here, she is still sick.'' Martin continued.

"Yes, master."

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