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   Chapter 88 why did you lie to me

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The only person she wanted to see after her rebirth but dared not to It was Elder Yan.

She was brought up by the Elder Yan. The Yan Clan, or even the only old woman who loved her in the world, always stood behind her and protected her.

In her last life, Elder Yan was killed indirectly because of her crazy and stupid behavior. At that time, she was unaware that Elder Yan's health was getting worse. She irritated her at the ceremony, and her illness was getting worse. At last There was nothing they could do!

Tear welled up in her eyes, but Cassandra closed her fingers and clenched them.

She remembered that in her previous life, as soon as Elder Yan left, Evan immediately took away the shares that Elder Yan had given to her. Pitifully, she had thought that all that Evan had done was all for her benefit

To tell the truth, now she recalled the foolishness she had committed. In her previous life, she was forced to jump into the sea and commit suicide. It was not unjust that she died.

Martin noticed the emotional change in the girl and fixed his eyes on her. He had collected some information about Cassandra and knew that she had a good relationship with the Elder Yan. But It seemed that she was far more than just leaving her grandmother

It seemed as if she was through a life and death struggle. Even though Cassandra tried her best to control her emotions, he could still feel a great grief from her.

Martin stared at Cassandra without uttering a single word.

Supported by Susan, the Elder Yan went off the stage. Not until Elder Yan was out of sight did Cassandra respond. She looked as if she was bearing something.

After a long while, Cassandra finally couldn't control her emotion any more. She turned to look at Martin and said, "Martin, I feel a little boring staying here. I want to go out to have a breath Can I? "

Martin's face instantly darkened and he shot a sharp and cold glance at Cassandra, thinking that she was especially we

of a sudden. An overwhelming murderous look spread over the room.

Carlos's voice trembled. "Master, maybe sister-in-law didn't Calm down, please... "

He was worried that he would lose control and kill Cassandra when the master was in such a state! ! !

"Get out!" shouted Martin, with his eyes growing dark

All of a sudden, Carlos's body trembled. He didn't dare to say anything more, giving a flattering look to Cassandra before hastily running away.

As soon as Carlos left, Martin stood up slowly and walked up to the door of the box, locking the door from inside. Then he turned around and loosened his tie. Before Cassandra could react, he grasped her wrist with his cold hand and pushed her against the wall behind her. His angular face was full of coldness and madness.

"Martin... What are you doing? Let go of me! You are hurting me! ! Martin! " Although Cassandra was mentally prepared, at this moment, deep fear and despair uncontrollably surged out of her heart.

This man The man who had ruined her self-esteem and personality

It turned out that even if she was reborn, she could not escape! !

"I've told you, you have only one chance. Cassandra Why did you lie to me! Why did you lie to me to see that man! !" Martin held his fingers together, his eyes fixed on Cassandra like a ghost's.

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