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   Chapter 87 wounded!

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6550

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In the hotel of capital.

GR Group was a well-known rich family in the capital. It was also a well-known family in the capital. Although it was only the engagement ceremony of Roger and Susan, the group had invited half of the famous businessmen and famous businessmen, as well as some famous stars in the entertainment circle who seldom showed up.

As GR Clan, Yan Clan, so many wealthy and famous people were involved, the whole hotel was booked by the GR Clan. What's more, the hotel was strictly guarded and nobody was allowed to enter without invitation cards.

Roger had been in the entertainment industry for many years, so he was good at maintaining the relationship between the entertainment industry and the entertainment industry. Although he did not invite reporters, he gave each of them a big red envelope. The reporters did not complain about it, so they all commented on the Weibo in advance.

"Of course the GR Clan is so wealthy. It's just an engagement TSK, TSK, TSK, you will get married, won't you? "

"You are right. This is the most luxurious hotel in the capital. Where is the owner?"

"What are you talking about? Any of his men would pay seven figures for his appearance? It's really eye opening that so many people come here today! "

"Wow So many handsome guys and beautiful girls! You are all A-list stars. It's a good deal! "

"I heard that there are some big rooms on the second floor. They are prepared for real big shots. Those who can sit there are all powerful and wealthy guys who can make a living."

People around them were all discussing about it.

At this time, both Roger and Susan wore luxurious dresses, and they stood at the entrance of the hotel to receive the guests. Meanwhile, the parents of the GR Clan and the Yan Clan were also helping to receive the guests. Some important guests were greeted by the parents of the two families in person. The scene was splendid.

It was almost the aus

elecast in the box.

Resting her head against her hands lazily, Cassandra indifferently looked at the scene on the stage. When Roger and Susan were standing on the stage in full dress, they looked like a perfect match.

The ceremony thundered in thunderous applause, but Cassandra didn't gain an increasing interest in it. After the ceremony was served, she didn't seem to have any appetite. When Martin picked up a lot of food she liked, she only ate a few chopsticks with dullness.

Martin gave her a bowl of soup and said, "don't you like the taste here?''

Cassandra pursed her lips," Not really. Maybe I just had no appetite after I got sick, so I suddenly wanted to eat the porridge at the entrance of the University What a pity! If we stop here, that porridge shop may close down. "

"You want to eat?", said Martin

Cassandra nodded her head and answered, "yes."

Seeing this, Martin picked up the phone on the table and put it down. But Cassandra didn't care about it at all because Martin was really busy at work.

At the end of the ceremony, Evan invited Elder Yan on the stage. Elder Yan didn't seem to be in good health. She walked with a trembling body and a pale face. She was sick.

The moment Elder Yan showed up, Cassandra stood still and stared at that familiar figure

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