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   Chapter 86 tit for tat

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6444

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At about 5 o'clock, Martin finally woke up Cassandra.

Although her fever had been gone, her face was still pale. She had to attend the engagement ceremony of Roger and Susan in the evening, so she only had a light makeup on her face.

Even so, the girl in the mirror was still like a God. Even though she just sat there quietly, it was hard to hide her unusual temperament.

In her previous life, she had been cornered and exhausted all her efforts in vain. Now that she had returned, she would take back everything that those people had owed her!

Time flies. One day, she would trample them all under her feet!

"What are you thinking about?" Martin, sitting on the sofa beside, seemed to sense something strange and looked at Cassandra questioningly.

Cassandra came to herself at once and answered, "I'm fine. Martin, don't you think it's a bit rude for me to be disliked by my sister?''

She didn't want Martin to misunderstand her. If she didn't worry that she would see her grandmother tonight and there would be no other people in the entertainment circle. She didn't want to dress up too much. Otherwise, it would be hard for her to deal with the unexpected guests who took her away.

In her previous life, the more violently Susan provoked her, the more disgusted she was to Roger, and the worse their impression of her. Back then, the big news about her engagement was streaming straight onto the Internet, and even with the involvement of Martin, she managed to get rid of all the negative news, but it still remained unspeakable to the public!

At that time, the whole capital, even the whole country knew that there was a shameless mistress in the Yan Clan!


Susan planted all these to her and now she was going to give them back to her!

"No, I won't," replied Martin, "you've done a good job."

"Really? I'm going to get changed. We'll leave soon. "

"Yes," replied Marti

s with it. "

Susan pretended to refuse while her eyes were gradually blurred. However, she knew there was something more important to do.

"Come on, Roger! I've said that there was something very important. Stop it, please!'' Susan gently stroked on the back of Roger's hand.

With his eyes narrowed, Roger lifted her to his chest, threw her on the black leather sofa next to him, and threw himself on her.

"Yes, it's a sister She just said that she wanted to see you alone tonight, as if Goodbye! " Before the man completely lost control, Susan tried her best to moan and said.

Roger was shocked, like getting an electric shock, he asked in a panic, "what did you say?''

The instant reaction of Roger was totally different from the one when he heard that Cassandra wanted to see him. Susan knew him so well that she frowned. She knew exactly what this man wanted.

But just now Roger didn't find it repulsive! !

How come

Susan tried her best to control her astonishment, put on a smile and said, "don't get me wrong, darling, she just want to see you once before our marriage She said that she wouldn't pester you anymore. Please don't be mad at her, darling. Do you still remember why she married Martin? It was because of me! "

"I'll do it." Said Roger.

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