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   Chapter 85 I am your man

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6546

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"Is it still bitter?" Asked Martin.

Cassandra shook her head immediately and answered, "not at all!''

"It's still early. You can go back to sleep."

Shaking her head, she said, "I slept too long yesterday, so I'm not sleepy at all In the evening, sister and brother-in-law will be engaged. I Can we go? "

Martin shot her a quick glance and replied, "yes.''

Cassandra breathed a sigh of relief, but didn't notice the disappointment in his eyes.

"Are you available later? Let's go there together. I haven't seen them since I got married I think grandma will come with them. You haven't seen her, have you? " Said Cassandra with a lonely look as if she had recalled something.

In her last life, she caused great trouble in the engagement ceremony of Roger and Susan, which caused a sudden heart attack of her grandmother. If she hadn't been sent to the hospital in time, she might not have survived it.

Back then, she had followed Susan's advice and blamed it all to Martin, who had already been in a towering rage. In addition to that, she had also witnessed the scene that she had been raped

As a matter of fact, she could only blame herself for being too stupid to be used without knowing it.

But in this life, she would never follow the same old path again!

"Okay, I'll accompany you. It's the first time to meet your grandmother. Do you need a gift?" Asked Martin.

The moment Cassandra regained her composure, she immediately shook her head and said, "no, thank you. But, Martin, grandma is the most important person in my heart. Could you be nicer to her?''

In her last lifetime, this was the last time she met her grandmother. It was not until her grandmother died that she realized what she had missed.

Nothing was irreversible in this world except time. She thought she still had a lot of time. But the past was like smoke, and everything was empty, and she could not stay anything.

"Yes, but...", said Ma

his master looked as if he was facing a formidable enemy. Was that why?!

This was the first time he had met his parents?

So our master is going to meet Cassandra's parents? However, he had met them at their wedding last time

Does master mean Cassandra's grandmother?' thought Carlos, Elder Yan?!

Carlos said immediately," Elder Yan, though she is a female, she is fond of calligraphy. Didn't master mysterious give you a painting last time? I'm sure Elder Yan will love it. "

Martin nodded his head and said, "Okay, pack it up. I'll take it away with me later.''

"Are you going out, master?'', Carlos asked in surprise

What about those files?!

Martin," Yes, the GR Clan and the Yan Clan are engaged, and Cassandra wants to go with them."

Looking at his master's expression and tone, which sounded like "I'm going to accompany my wife", Carlos twitched the corners of his mouth. "He, I'm going to prepare.''

"Brother!"! Please, take me away! ! They were just too annoying! !"

It was the first time that they had seen Martin show off love. However, it turned out that the big boss really had something to do with it

Taking a glance at Kevin, Carlos shivered all over. "Well, didn't your mother arrange a blind date for me last time? Tell Auntie that I'm willing to go. "

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