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   Chapter 84 I don't mind

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"No I'm just a little afraid of itch. Please be gentle. " Cassandra answered innocently.

In the middle of the hot steam, Martin kept silent for a while before he said in a hoarse voice, "okay."

He raised his hand and swept his fingers across her fair and tender skin. It was a blind date, but it seemed that he didn't care about it at all. He concentrated on cleaning her body.

At first, Cassandra seemed to be a little nervous, but then she seemed to be used to the light force of Martin, so her body and nerves were loosened up and he could do whatever he wanted to do.

After the bath, Martin took her out of the bathroom gently and changed into a clean robe, He helped her sit down on a chair and said, "have a seat and I'll change my clothes."

Cassandra had changed into a night robe, but the truth was that he was all wet. It was not that he was afraid that he couldn't take it. He was worried that the water he was wearing would touch her and make her cold again.

Cassandra had short dry coughs and flushed: "OK.''

Martin turned to the other side and unbuttoned his shirt buttons one by one, then unbuttoned his black belt around his waist with a sound of click

As soon as she heard the sound, Cassandra's eyes were glued to Martin. She swallowed subconsciously, lowered her head like a thief, with her face flushed all over. From the corner of her eyes, she could see a naked body

Look, I don't want to watch it This was truly a life and death problem! ! !

Cassandra was so ashamed that she wanted to find a crack to bury herself. What a bastard! How could I be such an immoral person! !

That was impossible!

While she was seething with remorse, Martin had already put on a bathrobe of the same color with hers and strode towards her.

Hearing the man's footsteps, Cassandra was so timid that she didn't dare to lift her head. Martin frowned and asked, "what's wrong? Do you feel uncomfortable? "


very bitter and she was so tempted to turn over today! !

You are making things difficult for me!

When Cassandra was about to speak, Martin touched the bowl and blew on the soup to make sure it was perfectly warm. Then he put the bowl in Cassandra's hand.

Is he still It's beyond my imagination.!

With the bowl in her hand, Cassandra couldn't help trembling her fingers. She didn't hold the bowl until Martin cast a doubtful glance at her. Then she raised her head and drank the medicine all in one gulp!

"Not bitter?"

Cassandra was dumbfounded, 'what did you say? Bitter? How could it be possible! She didn't feel bitter at all because she was afraid to be fed by Martin. She drank it in one gulp without even a bone left.

A few seconds later

Cassandra's face was distorted by pain. What the hell! Did Kevin do it on purpose? Why was the medicine so bitter! !

"Yes! It's too hard. Martin, get me some water! I want sweet food! "

After saying that, the man suddenly bent down, clasping her head with one hand, and his thin lips lightly pressed on hers

Cassandra, "..."

It's a great deal! She asked for it herself! !

She would rather see Martin suffer!

But she felt there was something wrong in her mind

Oh my God! Did she have an illusion just now? ?

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