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   Chapter 83 it's my obligation

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After the acupuncture, Cassandra broke out in a cold sweat. Her clothes and quilt were wet. However, she looked much better now. Her body temperature was back to normal.

Kevin took off the silver needle, "Sister in law has just finished the acupuncture. She sweats a lot, she has to take a hot bath and change her clothes. Otherwise, she will have a fever again I'll go and decoct some medicine for her. It'll be alright by some time. "

"Yes," replied Martin

After Kevin left, there were only Martin and Cassandra left in the room. Cassandra struggled for a while on the bed and tried to stand up, but she was too weak to do that. Then she said, "Martin, could you help me? I can go to the bathroom to take a shower by myself.''

In her previous life, she was not in good health all the time. Later on, Martin found someone to teach her martial arts. Although she deliberately made difficulties for him, the person Martin hired for help was indeed reliable. She did improve her physique a lot, and she became more agile in fighting. After she grew interested in martial arts, she had learned a lot of skills.

Unfortunately, her body was too weak, and she couldn't expose too much things that were different from her own personal belongings, in case of arousing suspicion. It seemed that she should find a chance to let Martin arrange people to train her.

Martin stretched out his hands and gently lifted her up from the bed. When Cassandra was about to get off the ground, she was suddenly lifted up by him.

Cassandra's heart missed a beat and then said hurriedly, "Martin, I can do it myself. You don't have to hold me.''

"It's my duty." Replied Martin.

Cassandra, "..."

Do you really have a conscience to tell such a lie?!


She didn't want to wait for a while, because Martin would help her to take a shower! ! !

When she got into the bathroom, Cassandra stared at Martin nervously. Martin carefully

o be hated Therefore, he had to stop.


The man who could turn things upside down easily in the business world when he was capable of doing anything. In front of the girl, even if she frowned, he would be at a loss.

"No," replied Martin

Cassandra glanced at him and thought, 'brother, do you think I am blind? You are a calm man before a storm!

According to her understanding of Martin, it was estimated that Carlos and others would be maltreated one by one

Alas, all the sins were caused by herself

Anyway, she had to be kind at that day. Later, she had to ask Martin to promise her to attend the Roger and Susan's engagement ceremony!

With a guilty conscience, Cassandra looked away, "I... I didn't realize it just now People were more sensitive when they were sick Well, I didn't mean to refuse... "

With his thin lips stretched out in a straight line, Martin fixed his eyes on the girl. After standing in front of the water for a long while, he slightly lowered his eyes and asked in a hoarse voice, "are you really okay with that?"

yes, I have!

Of course there was!

But she was trying to adjust her state of mind! !

Anyway, she had done so much in her previous life. Why not take a shower?!

Something important!

How could she be a coward!

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