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   Chapter 82 did I just give you a word !

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On the wide bed, the man lowered his head and left a gentle kiss on the girl's forehead. He looked at the girl silently for a long time before he got up gently.

The person who was pretending to be asleep in the bed was frozen like a sculpture. It was not until the sound beside her ears faded away that she carefully opened her eyes. In her sight, it was the scene that made her blood boil

Standing in front of the window, Martin just took off his white shirt and showed his strong upper body. The white skin, firm muscles texture and no extra fat on his abdomen

'to be honest, he looks more handsome when he is naked

Seeming to notice the girl's eyes, the man slightly tilted his head and gave a deep smile from his chest. "Have you seen enough?"

A weak woman on the bed suddenly blushed and reached out to cover herself

I didn't see anything just now! !

With a gentle smile appearing on his face, Martin immediately reached for his bathrobe, wrapped it on his body and went to the bathroom.

Until hearing the sound of running water from the bathroom, the woman stuck out half of her head from the quilt. She was relieved to make sure that the man was taking a shower in the bathroom. She seemed to have a guilty conscience and breathed heavily. Her whole face was as red as the fire.

What should I do now? I don't want to see his naked body. I really don't know how to solve the problem! ! !

Perhaps it was because her fever was not completely gone that Cassandra struggled in bed for quite a while and then fell asleep in a daze. Somehow, she felt like that a hand with a familiar smell touched her forehead. She tried to open her eyes but failed.

It was almost noon when she woke up again. Martin looked tired and pale, sitting in front of the bed and meditating.

As soon as Cassandra opened her eyes, Martin fixed his eyes on her and asked nervously, "are you feeling better? Do you feel uncomfortable? "

Having slept for half a day and had a

"Master, the fever won't be completely gone if she don't have an intravenous drip." Kevin couldn't believe his ears.

"You have to figure it out yourself," said Martin

Kevin's face convulsed when he heard what he said. 'I won't let you get your wife a drip or have an injection. Why are you so anxious to have your fever down?' Kevin thought to himself

After thinking about it for a while, Kevin said guiltily, "how about Acupuncture? It won't hurt, not at all! "

Martin didn't reply at once, but cast a look at Cassandra, who pondered over it for a few seconds and nodded in agreement.

If it was a normal thing, she would definitely want it to go on like this. After all, the display of sympathy and strength could cultivate the feelings between her and Martin

But today was the engagement day of Roger and Susan. She felt that she had to witness the couple's engagement with her own eyes and send her most sincere wishes.

When Kevin was doing the acupuncture on Cassandra, Martin kept silent. Somehow, a touch of cruelty which could explode at any time was hiding in Martin's body.

To be honest, after she was reborn, she found that she didn't know anything about Martin, especially when she saw something he had neglected in his previous life, her heart seemed to begin to break out of her control

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