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   Chapter 81 she must have a mental problem

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6269

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"Shame on you! You bastard! Shame on you! " Cassandra asked seriously.

After taking a slight glance at her, the storm that had been brewing in Martin's eyes seemed to disappear in an instant. He didn't want to hurt her. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been patient to take care of her feelings.

It seemed not bad that they got along with each other like this now

"Well, that's it. You can go to sleep now, '', said Martin

For a moment, Cassandra sensed a little sadness from Martin's calm and indifferent tone.

When Martin saw that she didn't respond, he slowly stood up and was ready to take a shower.

Although he had been the one who had taken the initiative to seduce her, now he was also suffering

When he was about to turn around, Martin was stopped by the girl. With a stiff back, he looked at the girl who was in bed, and the girl curled her lips and said, "where are you going? Will you leave me alone? "

Perhaps, humans were unusually fragile in their emotions when they were sick, and she instinctively Keep him by her side

Of course, she had taken the initiative to play up to Martin in this way, but at that moment, there were a lot of unspeakable emotions in her mind

She must be sick to think so absurd! !

Martin's thin lips tightened in a straight line, and when his eyes reflected the girl's pitiful face, the defensive line in his heart collapsed.

Lowering his eyes, Martin said word by word, "Cassandra I will never abandon you. "

Even if everyone in the world abandoned you, I wouldn't You are my fate

Cassandra was shocked and her heart was beating wildly out of control. She had never thought that he had never left her behind no matter what she had gone through and what she had done to him, even though she had personally cut his body with a knife

In a flash, it was as if something grew slowly in her body, wai

rms on her On her chest

The alarm went off in her mind. 'what about this? Do we have to drive in the morning?'! !

I don't care about my self-esteem! !

I have a fever! I'm a patient. Please consider my feelings?!

Martin's head was nestled on her neck, and her wet breath spread around her neck. Then, Cassandra was astonished and dared not to move a little.

However, Martin didn't make any further move. He seemed to be still in deep sleep, with her in his arms.

Cassandra, "..."

'I must have gotten married with a fake one...'

After a few seconds, she began to recall whether she had washed her hair yesterday? 'is there a strange smell in my hair?' she thought

Well, it seemed that people in love might have some problems in their IQ

After a moment, Cassandra wanted to bite off her tongue. What was she thinking about just now? ? Why did she think of the word love, love! ! Or do you want to!

Uh Why did she feel a chill on her back

What's the problem? ?

She struggled in the bed for a long time and didn't fall asleep until Martin woke up. She felt embarrassed to see her naked body. At least, she could make it through by pretending to be asleep

A few seconds later, Cassandra thought she was so naive

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