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   Chapter 79 you don't know how to have fun

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"Hey, Martin, can you be more reserved?" Cassandra asked in a weak voice.

Martin cast a contemptuous glance at her and asked, "did your shooting go well today?''

As soon as Cassandra heard this, she became vigilant and uttered something, even without thinking of anything at that moment. "Your wife is such a talented actress. How couldn't she go through this?''

"So, should you get a chance to flirt with the actress?", asked Martin

With her lips trembling, Cassandra turned to look at Martin. She knew that Martin wouldn't let her go so easily

With a guilty conscience, Cassandra explained, "I'm not flirting with her. You know, I have put a lot of effort in hiring Kelvin to work in my company, she is an agent, I haven't unsheathed her sword Does that mean I'm bad at taste? "

She didn't doubt Kelvin's ability, or else Carla wouldn't have been promoted as a first-line actor in such a short time. No matter how powerful Kelvin was, he couldn't make a fool of himself. If it weren't for Carla's greed for vanity, perhaps now he was a big shot in the industry.

The entertainment circle was a place where new generation could quickly replace old ones. In this circle, only by the appearance, the appearance alone could not last for a long time. In addition, his connections, resources, and marketing were indispensable. Carla was not short of acting skills. After all, he was a regular crew, and had stayed in the industry for a long time. His acting skills were great.

It was a pity that his career had been ruined by himself.

Carla's reputation was ruined. It was his own fault.

"Well, your taste in women was not good before." Martin squinted his eyes and said calmly.

"You're right, Mr. Martin," , said Cassandra at once. "But I wouldn't have waited for you if my taste wasn't so bad before."

She's such an ass kisser~

In her previous life, she always managed to irritate Martin by all means, including chatting up with him peacefully. Therefore, in her previous life, she knew

to hide from her in her previous life, she didn't want to know many things about the Lu clan. After all, that clan was too far and dangerous for her. The more it involved, the more difficult for her to be alone.

However, it was weird that, in her previous life and this life, Martin never seemed to avoid her. Sometimes, when her intentional stir up trouble made his subordinates dissatisfied, he did not rebuke.

As long as she didn't cross his bottom line, he was not that bad.

Cassandra came to the backyard and had a careful examination of the seeds planted there. Most of them had taken root and sprouted. With the careful management of these seeds, they looked beautiful and quick enough to be eaten a few days later.

Sitting on the stone step beside the soil, Cassandra felt bored and poked the soil with her finger, wondering what was going on in her mind.

After a long time, the man came and saw her fall asleep leaning against a stone step, looking harmless, and her fingertips were stained with some soil.

The man stood quietly at the side, and the imperceptible cold light in his eyes gradually dissipated.

After a while, the man came to the girl's side. He took off his suit coat and put it on her. The girl seemed to be awakened from sleep. She raised her head and smiled softly.

"Martin, are you free now?"

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