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   Chapter 78 the man was too difficult to coax

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 7115

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At the headquarter of the Lu Group, capital.

In a quiet lane outside the building.

A black May Bach was quietly parked on the side of the road. Cassandra sat on the back seat idly. She had just asked Carlos that the meeting of Martin was still going on and it would end after at least half an hour.

It was her first day of shooting, so she didn't have much important work to do. When the shooting was over and she was afraid to be bothered by Andrew, she changed her clothes and sneaked out to pick up Martin.

Since she was wearing woman's clothes today, it was not good for her to go to see Martin directly. Otherwise, everything she had done before would be in vain.

She felt bored, so she randomly opened microblog. A few seconds later, she stared at the screen of her phone, shocked. It was the latest microblog post posted by Daniel.

Although the photo on the desk was very blurry, she recognized her at the first sight!

Besides, the time and place were consistent. She lost her way and met a handsome man

Damn it! ! She ran into him this morning It was Daniel, the leader of the FX International Group! !

No wonder she felt that Daniel looked so familiar!

In her previous life, a big news came out because of Daniel. It was said that he played a big role in the casting group and almost killed a member of the crew by accident. He could not bear this blow, and then Go home and inherit your family's billions of property

Therefore, Cassandra didn't have much impression of this handsome young man, who was widely acknowledged as the promising young man in the business circle in the past.

She only saw Daniel several times in some private occasions later and didn't pay much attention to him at that time. So when she ran into him in the film and television city today, she didn't recognize him at all.

If she had unintentionally become the love of the No.1 young actor of the FX International Group, she would be very happy for others, but for Cassandra, she was desperate to rush over and strangle the scum, Daniel.

'damn it! One was worse than the other one!'! !


this period, why he had paid attention to her news, and why If he wanted to get her

Slowly, Roger twisted his neck, he pulled a few paper towels slowly to wipe the blood off his hands, It was not until there was a lot of paper on the ground that he stood up and walked out of the office step by step.

In the Yan garden, capital.

After returning to the Yan's garden, Cassandra immediately went to prepare dinner for Martin.

In order to please Martin, she specially asked people to clean up the backyard. The backyard was full of colorful lights, and white candles were prepared. A white heart shape was placed on the table.

With one hand propping his head, Martin sat in the chair quietly, watching the girl bustling around. He seemed to be in a good mood.

After preparing the dinner, she approached the man with a tender look, "Martin, are you satisfied with the dinner I made?''

"Yes," said Martin, raising his eyebrows slightly

"Hum, that's all? !"

She had prepared for it for so long, but he did not get a little moved at all! !

"Howl!"! It was so hard to coax a man! !

Martin stared at Cassandra's face and smiled slowly. At that moment, thousands of stars seemed to be lit up by him, like thousands of flowers blooming at the same time in the dark night.

"My whole body belongs to you What else do you want? " Martin suggested.

Damn it! Did I hit on by Martin again! !

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