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   Chapter 76 why don't you thank me

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6540

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With a sad face, Carlos replied to her shivering, "the host has already seen the shooting ceremony. Pray for yourself. Goodbye! ]

Holding the phone in hand, Cassandra twitched the corners of her mouth. Her face was as pale as ashes as the thunder.

Martin was busy with his business?!

How could he still have time to watch the Livestream! !

What should I do now to make myself look more pure and pure, just to maintain the relationship of colleagues

Cassandra thought anxiously! !

After hesitating for a long time, Cassandra weakly found out Martin's we chat message, She managed to organize her words and sent the we chat message with an expression of helplessness.

At the headquarter building of the Lu Group.

Conference Room.

Someone wanted to force him to have a meeting with Fiona in his office.

The phone rang suddenly. The room was empty.

While Fiona was talking with Martin, Fiona's eyes fell on the black phone in front of him by accident. It was Martin's private number, and as far as she knew, only Carlos knew it so far.

At the same time, Carlos just came in from the conference room.

It was obvious that the we chat message sent to him was not from Carlos, Was that woman

A hint of unnoticeable coldness streaked across Fiona's graceful and dignified cheek, and her eyes were filled with jealousy. She was not even qualified to know that because of Martin's phone call. How dare that woman?

Martin picked up the phone from the desk and clicked on the we chat, There was a picture of a girl sending him a we chat message——

Cassandra: did you watch the power on ceremony? How could your wife be so domineering?! To be honest, I am the most handsome guy in the world! Ha. Thank you for Carlos's help. I know that the jerk Carla won't confess to me so easily! Fortunately, Carlos is powerful! '

Looking at the we chat message on the screen, Martin knew clearly that the girl was afraid of hi

w seconds later

The man's face soured at her question, He frowned and asked, "you don't know me?''

Cassandra, "..."

Do these men have problems with their IQ?

The same thing happened to her when she met Andrew just now

Was it great that he was handsome?

Although Cassandra felt that the man in front of her looked a little familiar, she couldn't recall where she had met him for a moment. Then she shook her head, "I don't know him.''

The man's face darkened, He bit his lower lip and said, "is that the way girls talk to each other nowadays?''

Cassandra was so pissed off that she almost spat out a mouthful of blood. She really wanted to flirt with him just now, after all, this young man was just dozens of less handsome than Martin.

But will your conscience hurt when you say it out so shamelessly?

Cassandra rubbed her nose innocently and shook her phone: "I'm really asking the way. The signal is bad here. I can't dial out, and I can't connect my friend Never mind. I'll go and find it myself. "

She felt that this man had a mental problem

Before the man came to his senses, Cassandra rolled away. She believed that the world had its own course.

Ten minutes later

Hesitant, Cassandra stood in front of a complicated fork in the road and almost knelt down.

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