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   Chapter 75 owe her an apology

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6719

Updated: 2020-01-22 00:32

The video ended here.

The whole place was as silent as the tomb.

Everyone was staring at the screen, dumbfounded.


All of a sudden, the ring tone of the mobile phone rang one after another, and the mobile phone vibrated. Until then, the reporters under the stage came back to their senses. One after another, they took out their mobile phone, and saw the screen of their mobile phone, on which there was a microblog topic that was just pushed open.

As a professional, they had set special warnings for those who were in high society and influential figures, so once anyone posted a post on microblog, they would receive messages.

Then, they heard a man's painful voice

"…… I'm sorry. It was all my fault. I shouldn't have abandoned you. I'm a jerk It's all my fault Miss Kelvin took the blame for me in order to defend me. Now, I will make public what happened that year I'm sorry... "

The video lasted for more than ten minutes. It was a personal version of the story. In the end, Carla made a deep bow to the camera and said, "I'm sorry."

The video ended here, and everyone held their cell phones, their faces filled with shock.

It was known to all that Carla was the victim. At that time, his loyal fans were very agitated. They even threatened the World Media to give them a fair result with suicide

They had never thought that the whole thing was just a conspiracy!

When the wall fell, everyone pushed

At that time, Kelvin was alone and helpless, but for the obsession in his heart, he chose to bear everything

She was carrying thousands of curses, abused, betrayed and tramped, and climbed up bit by bit Did anyone ask if she was tired?

But someone once asked how she got through those cold and long nights alone

"You call yourselves justice. How much you want to step hard on her when she is down and why you judge and curse her indiscriminately All of you owe her an apology! "

On the stage, Cassandra said it word by word with an expressio

oing to meet Mr. Gillian. You can have a rest now.''

Cassandra's face darkened, 'damn it, I was just pretending to be struck by lightning. Now it's for sure. We must make such a big move on the first day to work...'

"Okay. Call me when you finish." Cassandra asked in confusion.

Without any doubt, Kelvin talked a few words with Cassandra and then went to look for Gillian.

Cassandra dared not to come any closer. She took out her mobile phone and searched for Carlos's we chat ID. after thinking for a while, she weakly sent him a we chat message.

Cassandra: How is your master today? ]

When Carlos received the message, the first thing came to his mind was that his sister-in-law had gotten into trouble again! !

Only after Cassandra had made a mistake would she care about the master's mood. What a shameless couple she was

With his fingers trembling, Carlos replied: "it's hard to say. It depends on how big the trouble you have made ]

Cassandra: who said I made a mistake? No way! I just care about my man! They must have not made trouble! ]

At the other end of the phone, Carlos screamed: shit! I'm fucking blind!

Carlos: my sister-in-law, could you please be careful next time?! ! ! My dog eyes! ]

Cassandra: did I hurt a dog? ]

Ho ho, handing teacup to the leader! As long as You are happy! !

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